Robert Bray - Fine Artist

Robert Bray

Inglewood, Ca - United States








Robert Bray

Inglewood, Ca - United States

Robert Bray - Fine Artist

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About Robert Bray

I was born and raised in Ohio and came to California as a younger person. I grew up drawing with pencil, then later with charcoal on just seemed natural....never thought about being an artist. It was self gratifying. As a young adult I gravitated to color medium. I dabbled in oil while teaching myself. In a subtle way I realized I had a gift for art but but there was no one to mentor me. Consequently, I developed as an artist some what late in life. After a few more years of continuing to entertain myself, a friend saw one of my pencil drawings and showed it to someone else and said, 'Bob's an artist.' I had never heard anyone say that before and it became a spiritual awakening; I then finally set out to be an artist; later concentrating on soft pastel almost exclusively and again teaching myself how to use it....painting many portraits(some by commission) landscapes and floral paintings. I've also taken some classes in oil and have completed a number of oil paintings. I have a deep love for the beauty of Creation. Along the way I became interested in garden and flower photography which has yielded many floral and garden photographs. Art and creativity seem to be a part of my nature. Thank you for your interest and may God bless you.

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Orange Delight by Robert Bray


The Perfect Rose by Robert Bray


Latter Rain Allegory by Robert Bray


Bird Of Paradise by Robert Bray


Flower Medley by Robert Bray


San Pedro Coast Line by Robert Bray


Heavenly Preview by Robert Bray


The Fire And The Cross by Robert Bray


Caught Up by Robert Bray


Orchid Blast by Robert Bray


The Visitation by Robert Bray


Replica Of Deer Family by Robert Bray


Dr. Martin Luther King at Prayer by Robert Bray


Angel Eyes by Robert Bray


Late sunset by Robert Bray


Frangipani bloom by Robert Bray


Daydreamer by Robert Bray


Delightful Amaryllis by Robert Bray


Twin Fuchsias by Robert Bray


Daydream by Robert Bray


The Red Tree by Robert Bray


Elegant Beauty by Robert Bray


Orchids And Buds by Robert Bray


A Garden Of Peace by Robert Bray

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   |   Images = 55





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