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Ricky Kendall

Las Vegas, NV - United States








Ricky Kendall

Las Vegas, NV - United States

Ricky Kendall - Fine Artist

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About Ricky Kendall

I was raised in the Rocky Mountains. Having lived on a mountain top 40 miles from Yellowstone Park, I developed quite an imagination. I've always worked with my hands and endlessly awed by nature and beauty.

I've been an artist since day one. Starting out as a musician at an early age, I started writing music and learned to play the piano and guitar. I published a CD in 1995 called 'Crayon'. I sold my home, hired 13 musicians and went into a studio to put my music in hard copy. I did not make any money but was and still am very proud of what I accomplished. Crayon is still available on-line.

Why the name Crayon? I was working with crayons and a travel iron to make artwork on canvas and used some of it as part of my CD cover and insert. I'm proud of what I created at the time but decided to try photography. I called it Light Photography, using dichroic film and computer technology to make some pretty amazing work. Finding that flat art was difficult to market, I went on to working with glass.

I started out creating Sunraze. I sold quite a few but was not happy with the one product. They had to be hung outside or in a well lit window to get the dichroic effect. I am now creating sculptured candle holders which are quite large and more of a sculpture than a simple candle holder. The light shines from within and the effect was just what I was reaching for. This is my largest project to date. I intend on making 100 series of my Sunraze candle holders. Each of the series will only have six copies. All are signed, dated and named.

I hope you enjoy my first of the series called Manemotions. They change color as you move around the room. The dichroic properties make changes in texture and color when the light source and location of the observer change. These are one of a kind and made nowhere else in the world.

I have also began working on more of my light photography working mainly in Kaleidoscope images. They look very real but no kaleidoscope is used in the process. These are fun.

More History:
Music - European tour of Europe with classical group representing the University of Wyoming in 1970.
GI Chorus 1971 to 1974.
Encaustic art 1989 - 2008 in collections nationwide.
CD Crayon - 1995 Portland Oregon
Ritual baskets, pottery, silk floral design in Sedona Arizona sold under the name 'Dream Weaver' in Sedona Arizona. 1995 - 1997
CD Clocks, dichroic floral arrangements - 1997 - 2004
Light photography, Las Vegas - sold through FABU 2004 - 2007
Sunraze art glass 2007 to present.
Sunraze Candle Holder Sculptures - Light Photography - most recent creations.

Motto: Come on - create something.

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