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Richard Stephen

Lake Elsinore, CA - United States








Richard Stephen

Lake Elsinore, CA - United States

Richard Stephen - Fine Artist

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About Richard Stephen

Where to start? I grew up in a military family moving from one side of North America to the other several times with a stop in the middle for good measure. Two stays in Alaska cemented my love for the outdoors. By chance, I finally settled in Southern California. It's not where I would have chosen, to be honest. It just worked out that way. In retirement, I plan to travel widely again with camera in hand, of course.

As a youth, I developed an interest in photography. College, having a family and a career in IT put that interest on hold for a long, long time. In recent years, as my kids have grown, I've found more time to indulge my interest which has since grown into a passion. I've learned a lot about photography and freely admit I have even more yet to learn. It's part of what I love about photography, there's always something else to learn, some new way to stretch the art.

My love for the outdoors is expressed in my photography. I enjoy capturing landscapes and florals, even wildlife when I can find it. Still, there are few subjects that are not of interest. The world is just to darn interesting of a place not to want to capture it all. Photography is also therapeutic for me, forcing me to slow down and appreciate the little things that I missed before. I find it very relaxing and a great way to cope with the stress of a hectic life. If I never sell an image, that's fine with me. Photography has already given me more than I ever expected and I'm just getting started!

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