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Randall Esulto

Bogota, NJ - United States

Randall Esulto - Fine Artist

Randall Esulto

Member Since: 04/26/2013

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I've always wanted to use my creativity to create stuff and share it with the world. I DJ, I cook, I take photographs, I create and edit video. As long as I'm in a situation where I can use my creativity and share it with people, I'm a happy guy. Nearly ten years ago, faced with the purchase and downsizing of a company I was working for, I decided to go out on a limb and start my own business. It started out essentially as a DJ business but, as a way of putting my own twist on DJing, I offered all of these video-based add-ons to traditional DJ services. I made photo slideshows for people, I mixed music videos live (the same way DJs mix songs together live), and things have been great.

But what I intended when I started out, was more unique and abstract video content instead of music videos and slideshows (which now anyone can make in a few minutes in iPhoto). I wanted to do something more along the lines of what you might see in a nightclub or at a concert and bring the energy and impact of those visuals to clients' events. As it turned out, that was a much more difficult sell than the more mainstream stuff and so I fell into a comfortable and busy rut of doing a lot of video-deejaying and slideshow making.

A few years ago, in response to a YouTube video I had made for a Jonathan Peters song, I was asked to come run live visuals live for a show he was doing at Roseland Ballroom in NYC and my VJ/Visual work really started to pick up. I VJ'ed for a bunch of big New York nightclub shows, did some custom visual reels for DJs (3D logo animations, graphics reels, etc) and I got hooked up with a big production company here in New York doing a lot of live VJ work and content production and so now I'm finally doing a lot more of the video performance/production work that I had set out to do when I started my business and photography, for me, is a natural extension of that production.

Having always loved photography but having never ventured into selling my work or putting any effort behind getting commissioned to shoot photographs for clients, I decided that it was time for me to focus more intently on it for two reasons: First, principles like composition, color theory, form, light/shadow are all things that are critical to good visual design and so I felt that by focusing on photography, I would improve all of my design work. Secondly, I had lots of clients coming to me to produce video content for them and asking me to either integrate sub-par photographs or not having any photos at all for me to use in the projects I was creating for them. So, I felt like it was time for me to expand what I was doing professionally by focusing on a creative medium that I already loved and had a lot of respect for.

So here's some of my work. I hope you enjoy it and that it makes you happy when you look at it.

If you'd like to connect with me on facebook, that would be great - especially if you're local to New York! I always love getting to know people nearby who are into similar things as I am. I think it's always a good professionally and personally to just...connect with people...learn about them, let them get to know a little about what I do and what I'm about etc and so this is my invitation to connect. My personal face book is and my professional one is Use either one, you'll get me.

So, that's about it. That's my little spiel on, 'me' and my work.

Enjoy the pictures, and maybe we'll cross paths!

Randall Esulto

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Randall Esulto - Wine Glass on Ice

Wine Glass on Ice

Randall Esulto

Randall Esulto - Blue Magic

Blue Magic

Randall Esulto

Randall Esulto - Portrait of George

Portrait of George

Randall Esulto

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