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Rabi Khan

Toronto, ON - Canada

Rabi Khan - Fine Artist

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About Rabi Khan

Started drawing as a child of 5 years. I used to draw on sand and on soil from my imagination and observations. Later painted graffiti on wall as a teenager in Bangladesh. As a youth with high interest in arts and paintings, during school and college-going years, I also started making notebook sketches on subjects of my interest. In 1986 I joined the advertising company in Bangladesh called “Prochar” as a junior artist, and entered the world of professional artists. In 1992, I came to Canada and joined “Bangla Barta” (a Bengali community journal of art, literature & statecraft) as an Art Director. In order to pursue my career further, later on I joined College Inter-Dec in Montreal as a student in 1995. I graduated from the College Inter-Dec with diploma in Computer Graphics in 1996. Following my graduation I moved to New York City to work as a graphic artist. After a brief stay there I decided to go for a short visit and marriage to Bangladesh – which ended up as a 5-year long stay! In Bangladesh, I started working in the field of Computer Graphics. I worked for Adcomm Bangladesh (a Bates Worldwide affiliate), an advertising firm in Bangladesh, and for Marka, an affiliate of 141 Worldwide. It was then I started to dabble in digital graphic painting as a hobby in my spare time. Later on I became more serious about my hobby and started painting professional grade digital arts. There are two distinct types of paintings that I have created – abstract art with geometric figures, and colorful images with fluid impressions. In case of the former, my inspiration was instigated by geometric and futuristic figures, while for the latter I was inspired by ripples on water and effects of oil on water. As for subjects, I was inspired by my wife and my child. Images of my wife during her pregnancy had profound impression on my paintings

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Spring Blossoms 3 by Rabi Khan


Spring Blossoms 2 by Rabi Khan


The Winged by Rabi Khan


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Orchids by Rabi Khan


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Scenery 2 by Rabi Khan


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Botanica 6 by Rabi Khan


Botanica 5 by Rabi Khan


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Flowery 5 by Rabi Khan


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Moment Before the Kiss-2 by Rabi Khan


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Flowery 3 by Rabi Khan


Flowery 1 by Rabi Khan


Flowery by Rabi Khan


Embrace 2 by Rabi Khan


Midnight Bloom by Rabi Khan


Within 3 by Rabi Khan


Within 2 by Rabi Khan


Botanica 3 by Rabi Khan

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