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Joe Jake Pratt

Kerrville, TX - United States








Joe Jake Pratt

Kerrville, TX - United States

Joe Jake Pratt - Fine Artist

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About Joe Jake Pratt

Check out my book 'Turkey & Swiss' specially created for the 151th Anniversary of Thanksgiving this year. Guaranteed to make you laugh, and supply you with fascinating tidbits about turkeys and the holiday itself which you may use to astound the kids this year.

By Wife:

Jake Pratt studied drawing and graphic arts at the Texas Academy of Art in Houston, but discovered years later that he had a real love of photography. The medium was a good match for him and his ADD,as the speed of an idea or thought could be acted upon instantly and transformed into an image on the spot. .

His work covers a broad range of subjects, from beautiful to humorous, from disintegrating architecture (Urbanex), to Cicada shells emerging out of clarinets. Jake wanders in alleyways and lesser-known parts of small towns to capture scenes that somehow convey a larger meaning. Being self taught, Jake’s themes sometimes display a love of minimalism, abstract, and other times for color, realism, or humor and reflect an innate love of photojournalism and still life.

REVIEWS: New York critic 'A downward spiral with much promise'
World Archaeology magazine 'Sorry we dug it up',
Popular Digital Pictures Quarterly 'In the world of digital...still a negative'
Fine Dining Gourmet Magazine '..liver and onions'
River and Stream Magazine 'Throw it back'
Rising Photographers in America 'Jake who??'

Art Statement: 'Everything is a picture,and every picture is a thing'

By Self:

To say that I love to take pictures would be an understatement. It is what brings me joy, zest, happiness, contentment, and brings out the life in all I find around me. Probably like you, it is being a square peg in a round world. It seems like most of the world is made of 'Rounders'.

As a child, one of my favorite stories was the 'Ant and the Grasshopper'. For most of my life I identified with the Grasshopper. True, he about starved and froze to death until the ants took him in for the winter, but he brought joy and music into a dreary world of drudgery. The ants probably ate him later. Anyway, that's who I wanted to be...the Grasshopper. Now at age 62, in retrospect, it might have been better to become an 'Anthopper' time I'll charge the ants an admission fee.

Life is for the living. The world of Art and the world of Work both have their place of importance, but I still would rather be over here on the Art side. If you pass by drop a coin in my cup. Thanks.



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