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Perry Frantzman

Key West, FL - United States








Perry Frantzman

Key West, FL - United States

Perry Frantzman - Fine Artist

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About Perry Frantzman


Forty years ago, Perry was drawn into photography using his 35 mm SLR. He started out with black and white processing his own photos in his parents basement dark room. What started out as a hobby has developed into a passion for learning more and more about the art of photography, digital shooting and processing techniques while searching out photographic shooting opportunities. Courses and Workshops abound all over the country, so Perry honed in on what he felt were the best suited to him, his photographic style as well as his strengths and challenges.

Two weeks in the high desert at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops with photographers such as George Schaub and Sarah Meghan Lee provided the opportunity to shoot on movie sets, deserts while working on the art of composition, editing, processing , and final presentation. A few of his favorite photos include 'Saloon Boots' 'Through the window', as well as several KeyWest shots that you can view in the site.

The Palm Beach Photographic Workshops further enhanced Perry's skills in shooting, workflow, processing and editing on the beaches of Florida.

Shooting in the jungles of Belize, Honduras, Panama and Costa Rica on an Arthur Bleich's Photographic Cruise Workshop, a natural learning experience provided Perry with the opportunity to shoot where the heat and humidity were so extreme that it could take hours for the equipment to stabilize and eliminate condensation. Patience became not only a virtue but a requirement!

Perry's desire to perfect his skills of photography led him to numerous online digital courses given by photographers such as Jim Zuckerman. Several other well know photographers taught on the sites and I practiced with several.

While traveling the roads of the coast of Maine with the Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures, photographic opportunities pooped up everywhere. Being able to shoot in this beautiful setting gave Perry the opportunity to continue learning about perfecting the digital photo processes while finding and perfecting his own personal style.

Traveling the world, Perry and his camera have snaked through the passes of Switzerland, the rivers of Europe, the Netherlands as well as the roads of France, Soviet Union, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Mexico and of course, every beautiful State within the borders of the United States.

Along this photographic path, Perry fell in love with High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR). This process has taken Perry years to master and to develop his own distinct, unique style. HDR is a combination of photography and artistic medium. The photographs that Perry has created are well received artistically and cherished by not only him but his collectors as well. Creating through this medium he has developed a set of techniques that allow for a greater dynamic range of luminance than standard digital imagining techniques can provide.

He has shown in galleries throughout the keys and has referral letters that can be viewed in the 'referral's gallery' He has appeared on television and now lives with the love of his life and makes their home in the Conch Republic (Key West) Fl.

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Tall Ships by Perry Frantzman


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Old Car Cuba by Perry Frantzman


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Old Car by Perry Frantzman


Old Car by Perry Frantzman


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Fairlane by Perry Frantzman


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Cuba Apartments by Perry Frantzman


Cuba Apartments by Perry Frantzman


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Chevy by Perry Frantzman


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Sunset in key West by Perry Frantzman


Monet France by Perry Frantzman


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Cruzin by Perry Frantzman

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