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Paul Chestnutt

Belfast, CO antrim - United Kingdom








Paul Chestnutt

Belfast, CO antrim - United Kingdom

Paul Chestnutt - Fine Artist

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About Paul Chestnutt

Just joined here...more to follow, I will upload images of my artwork once I get the chance to figure out just how to use this computer (LOL)..I CAN draw, but computers are my 'downfall', maybe I should have paid more attention in school, but anyways....bear with me....soon I will figure out just where to post my (butt ugly) image, and somewhat more (hopefully pleasing) artwork....I will also re-type this 'introductory' thing....PLEASE BE PATIENT .........I draw cartoons mainly, these come from my frequent excursions around Ireland , usually calling into pubs, where I find sitting listening to people just chatting about life always yeilds a good idea or two for one of my 'funnies'
Occasionally I get the urge to put paint on canvas as well, and use either acrylics or oils. These paintings are usually just simple black and white with a small hint of colour somewhere, and usually just one colour picked out in the 'darkness'.
I feel this brings the veiwers eye somwhat 'into' the painting.
As I have mentioned above...once I figure out exactly how to place some samples on here, there will be opportunity for all to see and comment (good and bad) about my artwork..which ranges from anything from Harley Davidsons, Irish Pub scenes, ancient Irish fights with the colonials (no pun intended),to politically (incorrect) stuff..(I will NOT set out to offend ANY race or religion), but if it is funny to me??..I see NO problem putting pen to paper, or brush to canvas, if I offend anyone with my is the viewer who sees some kind of 'offence' where none was these times we are living in...too many people forget what is important, and what is important is (in my mind)...ART!!!....Look at it...feel it....embrace it...LOVE it !!!!....but most of all....ENJOY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!
May I ADD??............
IF ANYONE would like me to travel to ANYWHERE within this beautiful Emerald Isle, to take a picture of an ancestoral homestead , I WILL, do my best to get there, take photos, perhaps meet some family members, and post any related artwork/paintings/photos, on here....
Art is not only in the lives on in the soul.
never 'delete' a picture..a picture/painting, or a photograph, is a memory..(good or bad), a memory anyhow,
look up..look down...but most of all.....look AROUND!!!!
beauty is everywhere..even a bug has a certain 'beauty', if you look close enough.
BELIVE in yourself....YOU are wonderful

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Poor Christmas by Paul Chestnutt


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Pirates of the river Lagan by Paul Chestnutt


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Mixed Emotions by Paul Chestnutt


Hi Honey... by Paul Chestnutt


Border Wars by Paul Chestnutt


Peek-A-Poo by Paul Chestnutt

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