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Patti Mollica

Nyack, NY - United States

Patti Mollica - Fine Artist

Patti Mollica

Member Since: 12/14/2007

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Patti studied illustration at Syracuse University and later graduated from Portfolio Center in Atlanta Ga with the 'Best Portfolio' Award in Illustration, Art Direction and Graphic Design. Patti's artwork has been aquired in numerous public collections such as Mellon Bank USA, Societe Generale, Sheraton and Marriott Hotels, Stamford University, CBS and RCA Records. She has been the recipient of numerous national awards and scholarships including two full scholarships from the Pastel Society of America and the National Academy of Design. She also has twice won the Award of Excellence from Manhattan Arts International. Her illustrations are used worldwide for book covers, calendars, greeting cards, wine labels, annual reports, ads and editorial magazine features. Patti's artwork is currently being published as fine art posters and marketed in North America through frame shops and retail art stores such as Pearl Paint, A.I Friedman, A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby, etc. Patti lives and works with her fellow-artist and jazz musician husband, in Nyack, NY.

Patti believes that truly great painting is not about the subject matter, but rather the way an artist communicates beauty, sensitivity and integrity in whatever is painted. Flowers, gardens and sunsets are no more worthy as painting subjects than a subway station full of weary commuters, or a closeup of some old rundown fire escapes. She believes that a painter's job is to show the viewer the inherant beauty of all subjects and scenes, most especially the ones that are not commonly thought of in an artistic light.
The urban environment provides her with endless opportunities to communicate this message, and it is the heart of her artistic interest. In it, she finds beauty hidden in the least likely of places. Manhattanites often remark that she paints the city from an 'insider's perspective, rather than a tourist's, capturing its hidden soul. She also hears comments that her work is rather reminiscent of the painter Edward Hopper, who also favored the city environment, its architecture and its moods. Ironically, Patti's studio is located in Edward Hopper's boyhood home, in the historic town of Nyack, New York. This world-renowned artist drew upon his town's abundance of victorian homes as a source of inspriration for some of his most famous paintings. Patti also finds this setting to be a natural source of artistic inspiration, and spends her summers painting outdoors in the streets of Nyack, following closely in Edward Hopper's footsteps, but finding her own interpretation.
Patti lives and works with her fellow-artist and jazz musician husband, in New York City and Nyack.

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Patti Mollica - Making the Rounds

Making the Rounds

Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica - Shop Talk

Shop Talk

Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica - Road Race

Road Race

Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica - Midtown Bikers

Midtown Bikers

Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica - Heading Downtown NYC

Heading Downtown NYC

Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica - Heading Uptown NYC

Heading Uptown NYC

Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica - PARK off Park

PARK off Park

Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica - Soho Fire Escapes

Soho Fire Escapes

Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica - Times Square Umbrellas
Patti Mollica - Urban Rooftops

Urban Rooftops

Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica - Dusk on 57th Street

Dusk on 57th Street

Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica - Blue Umbrellas

Blue Umbrellas

Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica - Kits


Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica - To The Triboro

To The Triboro

Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica - Gallery District

Gallery District

Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica - Wedding Bell Shoe

Wedding Bell Shoe

Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica - New Work Posting

New Work Posting

Patti Mollica

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