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Patricia Howitt

Kaeo, Far North - New Zealand








Patricia Howitt

Kaeo, Far North - New Zealand

Patricia Howitt - Fine Artist

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2013 NZ Children's Art House Foundation Award to The NZ Artist Contributing Most to Children. - for Illustrations for 'Taketakerau, The Millennium Tree'.
2013 Listing in the Storylines 2013 Notable Books List - Notable Non-Fiction Category; - for 'Taketakerau, The Millennium Tree'.
2012: NZ Listener Top 50 Children's Books (worldwide) for 2012 - for 'Taketakerau, The Millennium Tree' .
2012 : Children's Book Award, Ashton Wylie Book Awards - for 'Taketakerau, The Millennium Tree'
2001 : Winner - Design - road signs for Twin Coast Discovery Highway NZ.
1999 : Winner - Telecom Art Award (Northland Region NZ).
1998 : Finalist - Telecom Art Award (Northland Region NZ).

Visit the 36 illustrations for 'Taketakerau, The Millennium Tree' at

From early childhood I wanted to do art. But my parents insisted on a 'proper job', so I studied hard and qualified in law. For 15 years I worked as a government lawyer, keeping sane by creating, exhibiting and selling art on the side, my inspiration fed by weekends in the high country of Central New Zealand.

My father died of leukaemia. I was faced with staying where my work was, or moving with no job into the country - our 10 acre block adjacent to a reserve of untouched bush had also been one of my inspirations for years.

The decision was not a hard one to make - the hard part came after.

For a while I had a small business in graphic design in our local small town, but my mother's failing health finally made that an impossibility. Like it or not, for the next 10 years I became an Alzheimers caregiver, freelancing in graphics and webdesign on the Internet to keep my contacts with the world.

Now my main purpose is to concentrate on the artwork I have always wanted to do. My portal website is at See also:

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Cantering by Patricia Howitt


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Steam Legacy by Patricia Howitt


Rottweiler Devotion by Patricia Howitt


Mother Cat by Patricia Howitt


You're Kidding by Patricia Howitt

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