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PAMELA Smale Williams

Jefferson , TX - United States








PAMELA Smale Williams

Jefferson , TX - United States

PAMELA Smale Williams - Fine Artist

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About PAMELA Smale Williams

Dallas native Texan and raised here, I first discovered formal Art, color theory and the color wheel in parochial school kindergarten. I painted scenes from the tales in the Bible, wearing my father's long sleeved dress shirt for a smock. Kindergarten serious, I also found a love of gardening and flowers, watching my father put together landscaping and his own Greenhouse in our back garden. His hobby eventually became a passion of mine as well. Florals in macro photography and acrylics took a dominance as a result. I began photography at around age 15-16 when my grandfather allowed me the use of his NIKON 35 mm. camera, in the film days before digital cameras. I shoot NIKON these days still and in addition to photography, favor acrylics, inks, and watercolor colored pencils as my mediums for painting. I include jewelry making as well, but the camera still rules my heart and allows me to render what I shoot into glorious pigment on paper or canvas.
I'm 3/4 British having a maternal grandmother, both fraternal grandparents, and a father from England. I claim to be an Anglo-phile but there's that native Texan in there as well that I think attracts me to our state flower, The Bluebonnet. I try to do an annual trek to capture the bluebonnets so be sure to look for those in my albums!

**NOTICE** The FAA watermark appears on images online only, and will not be on any purchased works. If you would like a signed card with the Title of the piece for archival or collector purposes, please contact me and I'm happy to provide this for your
purchase.Thank you for visiting this gallery. For more works and updates on projects or exhibitions, please look for me on Facebook under Image Wizards Photographer.
To see details of the 'BABY BOOMER PROJECT', my photojournalistic mission since 2009,

LEARN MORE: The Wizardress of Aahs has gained perspective on both sides of the Lens, joining the Modeling world in 2009 as a Mature model. Primarily a self taught artist, she departed from the studies of behavioral science and medicine pursuing Art related activities and venues as an avocation. Art, art history, Color theory and painting with acrylics became
part of her life as a child. Parochial schooling from Kindergarten introduced how to mix colors and brought paint into her playtime. Mixed with the Spiritual messages from the schools she attended, Pamela's 1st paintings were predominantly scenes from the Bible. Later, Watercolor and drawing of Botanicals, crafting, and digital artistry, were all opportunities to
add in some more formalized training, and her horizon expanded to Mixed medium. At age 16, she picked up her grandfather's very heavy NIKON 35 mm. SLR camera, and from there it was a steady incline up the artistic trail to explore the world with a lens. Pamela's approach captures views that are often idyllic or romantic themes in imagery. Not often the typical 'gritty' hard look at life often seen in photojournalism. 'Capturing dreams and framing starlight', Pamela still courts the essence of a Romantic.
In her ongoing Mission for defeating AGEism and showcasing the Women of the 1950's the BABY BOOMER PROJECT began achieving Concept themed group shoots. Using women born during the Boomer generation as her models, she has orchestrated a number of group and individual shoots to create events you can see notes on at
Self taught Digital artistry and website programming grabbed her attention when in 1994 she studied HTML computer coding on her own. She created her own Website for her private practice in Marriage and Family counseling; the first 34 year long Career that was the result of her graduate degrees in Psychology, with specializations in eclectic humanistic skill sets, and certification in human intimacy and relationship categories. Pamela now follows her lifelong passion for Photography, combining it with other media and interests: History, metaphysical studies, anthropology, interior and architectural design, jewelry crafting, painting, floral design, and gardening /botany....utilized often to study and create ART for you to enjoy and delight in. To join in the PROJECT for the 1950's photojournal, contact the artist directly.

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NOTICE: All my artwork is registered copyright with all rights reserved: ©Pamela Smale Williams, ARTographics by Pamela,
and Image Wizards Photography Purchase of prints does not transfer reproduction rights.
My work out there: photographed or modeled. ALL IMAGES ARE OWNED AND ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY
PAMELA SMALE WILLIAMS ARTographics, and Image Wizards Photography. For PINTEREST: Repin only with owner name and contact information intact. If you would like to negotiate a fee for use for a time to be agreed upon and without perpetuity, please contact me directly. None of the images on this site are available for free use so please do not duplicate them. Charities welcome to contact the artist to arrange non profit donations.
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Please stroll around my portfolios and feel free to reach me for any questions or if you need assistance, selecting a mat, a pillow, iphone cover, or other of the great choices available to frame or finish out each piece of work... Thank you for stopping by!

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