Pamela Roberts-Aue - Fine Artist

Pamela Roberts-Aue

Yelm, WA - United States








Pamela Roberts-Aue

Yelm, WA - United States

Pamela Roberts-Aue - Fine Artist

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About Pamela Roberts-Aue

Art like music is about movement and messages to the mind, heart and soul. They speak what words fail to say. And when a piece speaks to me, and not all do, I will always share what I 'see'. We also get to see into another's mind. I have literally seen or been given visions in listening to music. I would write the artist if he / she had a particular 'symbol' in mind when the song emerged from their Being. This was a more recent occurrence. Sound and Color are both frequencies and waves. Waves carry information and we all have a brain that has the ability to translate or receive intent in sound and music. Voice also is sound and music. I will always cherish your honest reply not too many can write from their soul but their art does that more than some know.

My background is in the freedom of mind! The allowance to express from poetry, verse, dance, painting, photography, music. We are more than the total sum of our human experiences!

My Golden Maple Leaf is entered in the FAA Contest. My photo needs 250 votes to qualify for the next level of this opportunity. copy and paste the following link and you will directly taken to the photo. Please stop in an cast a vote our way. Voting is free. I love this shot the day I took it, so beautiful. I look to capture the beauty that I see and share it with you.

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