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Oni Kerrtu

Budapest, Budapest - Hungary








Oni Kerrtu

Budapest, Budapest - Hungary

Oni Kerrtu - Fine Artist

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About Oni Kerrtu

My name is Oni. When I was 15 I had a spine surgery. After the successful operation they overdosed me with morphine.
For three days I just watched the empty hospital beds around me, the large white pillows, my portable CD player, my Mom who had the ability of teleportation at that time, the doctors without familiar face expressions, the skinny nurse who didn't have eyes just lips that moved and smiled but I didn't hear a thing... and there was this thick white light that was flowing around everything. I had felt that I was drowning in light... I had thought I died.
Fortunately I just fell asleep. When I woke up everything was different, and I started painting to reproduce that state of mind - that state of being. It was always just for the sake of creation - recreating the thick white light.
Even though I graduated later as a visual artist.. with these works, It is just me remembering. And seeking for the same feeling.

Thank you for visiting.

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Television-pillow by Oni Kerrtu


Circle-pillow by Oni Kerrtu


The Deep by Oni Kerrtu


Bed with cellphone by Oni Kerrtu


Insomnia - Fear In The Dark by Oni Kerrtu


Tired dream by Oni Kerrtu


Go or Stay by Oni Kerrtu


Gate by Oni Kerrtu


Insomnia - Lying on the back by Oni Kerrtu


Inside II by Oni Kerrtu


Inside by Oni Kerrtu


Relation in Bed by Oni Kerrtu


Airing by Oni Kerrtu


Insomnia - Nightmare by Oni Kerrtu


Dreamcatcher - Flowerdream by Oni Kerrtu


Bed No1 by Oni Kerrtu


Bed No2 by Oni Kerrtu


Bed No4 by Oni Kerrtu


Bed No6 by Oni Kerrtu


Bed No8 by Oni Kerrtu


Bed No7 by Oni Kerrtu


On the Road by Oni Kerrtu


Stockings by Oni Kerrtu


A place for the Dog by Oni Kerrtu

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