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Nyla Alisia

Salem, OR - United States








Nyla Alisia

Salem, OR - United States

Nyla Alisia - Fine Artist

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About Nyla Alisia

Nyla is both an award winning poet and photographer, she treats the pen as if she is creating something visual and the camera as if she's writing a story, her unique gift of seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, pushes her to find ways of photographing the things she can see in her mind, in a way that the world can experience it too, 'It's just like writing, only I have to find a way to do with a single image what I can do with a thousand words.'

Nyla is known for her extremely emotional and impactful images, it is impossible to experience her work and not be effected in some manner. Bringing light to darkness and darkness to light, her passion is for black and white, low-light photography, saying, '...it lets the viewer use their imagination, to fill in the blanks, in a way color images cannot do.' Nyla teaches Expanding Creative Vision Workshops for photographers.

Nyla Alisia's photography has been published worldwide in journals, newspapers, magazines, on-line websites, as book illustrations, and cover art.
* Photographic collection in Green Is The Color Of Winter, won first place in the 2011 Preditors & Editors, -Best Of- category for artwork published in a book.
*Award winner in the 2010, Black, White, and Gray Art exhibit in Keizer Oregon, with Love Used To Live Here.
*Featured showing at the Roundtree Art Gallery in Salem Oregon 2011.
* Featured photographer on the Gold Man Review website 2011/2012 - http://www.goldmanpublishing.com/featuredartists.html

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Grandma's cookbook by Nyla Alisia


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The Muse- She Moves Like Poetry by Nyla Alisia


Echo In The Moonlight by Nyla Alisia

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