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Montana Wilson - Fine Artist

Montana Wilson

Phoenix, AZ - United States








Montana Wilson

Phoenix, AZ - United States

Montana Wilson - Fine Artist

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June 3rd, 2014







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About Montana Wilson

Hi! My name is Montana and I'm still a young artist, but I have already taken thousands of photos, and I paint with acrylics.

Most of my art is centered around animals, as I love all animals, or it may be abstarct! I also have had many pets of my own. I also If you're ever wondering what the background story is to one of my images, feel free to ask! But here is some info on the pets I've owned which I've taken photos of:

My Dogs...
**I have had Freckles, the Australian Cattle Dog/Labrador Retriever mix since I was seven years old. We adopted her in 2003 when she was just a year old. She was my first dog and we rescued her from the shelter the day she was scheduled to be put down. She is a wonderful friend and I still have her to this day! Now, in 2014, Freckles is healthy, other than her eyesight fading slightly, and is about 12 years old.
**Chance was the second dog we adopted as a family, but he is more of my dog than just the family's. He was a stray I found in 2009 when he was just around a year old. He was starving, abandoned out in the heat of Phoenix, AZ, and was completely covered in ticks. (Saying he had a thousand ticks on him wouldn't be an exaggeration.) He wouldn't leave my side and I just had to take him in as my own. It took a couple weeks to rid him of the ticks completely, and he gained his weight back pretty fast, going from 35 pounds to 50 in just a few weeks of eating properly. He is the only dog to ever get along with Freckles, as she is normally over protective of us, and I was surprised to see her play with another dog for the first time. Chance is doing well still, now almost 6 years old and is a big goofball! I have no clue what he is mixed with, but most people and vets seem to think greyhound and pitbull mix. Obviously, I named him Chance because he was given another chance at having a home.

The Cats...
**Courage was my first cat who I adopted in 2008 when he was just under 8 weeks old. The people we adopted him from lived very far from us, and on the car trip home, I thought he was a pretty brave kitten. So I named him Courage! Courage is a pretty laid back cat, although the first couple years I had him, he was crazy! He actually broke his cat tower by jumping on it so much, the tower broke off the base in just about a month. Now, he lays in laps and he meows with you if you whistle! Courage just turned 6 years old.
**Saeta was the second cat I took in. Walking back from the store one day, I found a kitten in the intersection where I was crossing. Luckily, I grabbed her and took her home. She was extremely young, as she was small and trying to get milk out of Freckles! I think she must have been around 5 or 6 weeks of age when I found her in 2010. I named her Saeta, because it literally means 'Cutie' (I forget which language..I think it was irish or gaelic.) Saeta can have an attitude sometimes, but overall she is pretty friendly. She tends to spend most of her time outdoors watching the birds, and even follows me on our dog walks.
**Charms is the third cat I've lived with. She is my brother's cat who we adopted in 2009 when she was a kitten. Our neighbor found her and her littermates and took them in before it was too late. I believe Charms and two of her siblings survived among the group. Charms is a bit shyer than the other cats. She is friendly but stays away from the others most of the time and spends a lot of time outdoors or with my brother.

The Ferrets...
**Cotter was my first ferret who I adopted from the Humane Society in 2008. He was found as a stray and was 2 years old with the name Cotter when I took him in. Cotter was always my best ferret and I loved him dearly. I was devastated when he passed away in March of 2013. I still think about him a lot. He lived a long and happy life, always with fellow ferrets at his side, and was about 7 years old when he passed away.
**Frettaluna was my second ferret who I adopted from a family in 2009. They could not care for her anymore, so I took her home and she stayed with me until her last days. Frettaluna translates to Ferret Crazy, or crazy ferret. She was very active and love to play all the time! She always seemed to be smiling! I found out not too long after adopting her, that she had Adrenal Disease (maybe the last owners knew..). However, with lots of love and care, she grew her fur back 3 times after going completely bald, which was amazing! She never really stopped being herself, and she lived to be 5 years old.
**Ringo was my third ferret, and my first kit! I adopted him from PetCo when he was 8 weeks old in 2010. The minute I held him I knew his name would be Ringo - it just came to me! He was always a big baby and was one of my biggest ferrets. He loved to be held and cuddled with! He also loved to play in water and drag things in his water bowl. He seemed to just be the most playful and sweet ferret of them all!
**Loki was my fourth ferret who I adopted at the end of 2010. He was staying with a nice family who just didn't have the time for him. He was already 4 years old and was deaf. His family thought he was a girl, so his name was Silver. I changed it later, knowing he was actually a male. Loki was a sweetheart and loved to steal everything! He was deaf, but you could almost never tell. He seemed to become good friends with Ringo! Loki sadly passed away on his 7th birthday in 2012. I didn't get to spend more than 2 years with him, but I'm glad I got to give him a good home for his last years.
**Luffy was the next ferret I took in. I adopted him in 2013 when he was 8 weeks old. Luffy was an adorable little kit! He was the only one among his littermates that had this unique coloring. I named him Luffy after a cartoon pirate who is made of rubber. This is because Luffy had a white X mark on his belly, and the first hammock he slept in was the pirate ship one we had. Plus, Luffy is just an adorable name! Luffy was very unique in coloring and acted much different than the ferrets I had in the past. He also had a split tongue (I only found out because I happened to capture a photo with his tongue sticking out). It didn't really bother him, but he seemed to sleep with his tongue sticking out most of the time. He is a wonderful ferret and just loves attention and being held!

I am also a painter! I use acrylics and paint either on canvas or on rocks. I enjoy making rocks into amazing or cool pieces of art! Usually my paintings are abstract paintings of plants or animals or just interesting images.

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