Mireille Poulin - Fine Artist

Mireille Poulin

St-Siméon De Bonaventure, Québec - Canada








Mireille Poulin

St-Siméon De Bonaventure, Québec - Canada

Mireille Poulin - Fine Artist

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About Mireille Poulin

Mireille Poulin was born in Sherbrooke city, Québec, on april the 13, 1958. Her father, an architect, encouraged a lot his children to draw at a very young age. Mireille enjoyed it very much and knew very young that she would do it for living.
She studied graphic arts in Québec city for three years and then moved to Montréal where she had an offer to work as a junior illustrator. She worked at several places, including Radio-Québec as a producer-illustrator. Times were hard, it was the beginning of the 80s, and she lost three jobs in a row because of the recession. So, having enough, she decided to work as a free-lance illustrator and painter (portrait).
She then regularly did official exhibitions of her work.
At 40, she created 'Roublard'; exclusive hand made clothes that she designed and assembled herself. The idea was to provide more stability with her incomes. She sold her creations to the famous: 'Salon des métiers d'arts de Montréal' for ten years. Meanwhile, she had moved to the Gaspésie, a superb region of the Québec with access to the sea. Another recession (2007) discouraged her to go on with'Roublard', so she recently came back to portraits. For good.
She had a very difficult path like most artists in visual arts in Québec, but she knows that the role that she has to play on this earth is to paint people. She has quite a rich port-folio to present and creations that she had never showed yet, like pieces of her jazz collection that she could not complete in 1994.
She is accepting requests if she morally and aesthetically agrees with the subject.
Thank you.

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Marylin Monroe by Mireille Poulin


Sharon Tate by Mireille Poulin


Sidney Bechet by Mireille Poulin


Billie Holiday by Mireille Poulin


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Marlene Dietrich #1 by Mireille Poulin


Alys Robi by Mireille Poulin


Louis Armstrong by Mireille Poulin


Miles Davis by Mireille Poulin

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