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Michael Frank Jr

Buffalo, NY - United States








Michael Frank Jr

Buffalo, NY - United States

Michael Frank Jr - Fine Artist

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About Michael Frank Jr

*Before buying my work (anyone's work, really), be sure to zoom in and check out the image up close, making sure it's the color and/or style,
that you seek. You can always email me with questions and suggestions too! :) Thank you!*

May I first start off by thanking you for visiting my page and supporting my love for art. I've had a love for art at the early age of 2yrs old. Maybe even early, but documented via drawings that my mother has, I can honestly say that I've been drawing since then. As I grew older, I tried to take my art and expand with it in high school but my ego was shot down when a particular high school ripped me apart because I chose cartooning as my journey and they wanted photogenic type drawings (which I wasn't aware). So at a young age, I was hurt and stopped drawing. Proceeded to high school, graduated, into college and tried to get into something that was at least going to allow me to use my God gifted talent...so I took up Graphic Design. The professor at the time pre-warned all of us of the difficulties getting into this field here in Buffalo, NY can be unless you know someone in it. Politics and networking. I was one of the few that graduated top of the class and the majority of us, are freelancing it...still, after 8yrs plus, no 'direct' job in the field here. This time, I wasn't going to 'give up on art.'

I also had a love for photography when I was young. Still remember getting my 110 film camera and shooting away. Everyone use to compliment me on my photos and I loved it. I was always able to take a picture of exactly what a person would 'want' to see...even if they were standing right there and couldn't see it with their own eyes. I took up a few classes on how to use a SLR when I was taking Graphics and fell in love with it even more. Capturing a moment in time for forever, is priceless. emotions, scenes, events etc. Priceless. I started tutoring Digital Imaging in college and was inseparable from my SLR and computer. I still have a thing for GRAIN over PIXELS and a few friends of mine joke on that subject.

Work that I have done would include weddings, events, still life, animals, nudes, portraits I guess you can say a little bit of everything. My way of art involves everything...even my current job as a Certified Personal Trainer. Ones body is my canvas and I help mold that body into the piece of art that client yearns for. Even my own. I don't do it as a way to 'compete'...and yes, I do it for health, but for 'me', it's an art form...My body is my canvas...the weights are my medium...my workouts, the effort put forth to create a body of art.

I love the diversity in this field and look forward to viewing everyone's work! Thank you again for visiting my page and supporting me and my love for art!
Hope you find my 'Eye Candy' appetizing! :)
Poetry coming soon within pix!!!

Some of my favorite things to photograph are buildings and/or architecture, landscapes, seascapes, animals...I guess in a nutshell, NATURE. :o) Inside, you'll see a bunch of images from Buffalo, NY, Peace Bridge, Erie Basin Marina, Niagara Falls and other landmarks.

PLEASE NOTE: All images copyrighted to Michael Frank Jr (All Rights Reserved Worldwide). No image (in whole or in part) is to be reproduced, downloaded, copied, duplicated, modified, sampled, redistributed or archived without the written authorization of Michael Frank Jr
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