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Meryl Goudey

Santa Clarita, CA - United States








Meryl Goudey

Santa Clarita, CA - United States

Meryl Goudey - Fine Artist

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About Meryl Goudey

My brighty stroked images of whimsical animals, vividly detailed butterflies, brightly layered feathery birds, up close flowers, dancing ocean waves and sunlit landscapes celebrate nature, which feeds my soul. I feel one with the subjects I paint. I hope some of these colors also give you a sense of well-being and joy.
Painting birds comes from my father's love of birds, as I watched him showing child-like affection to our Parakeets, Aloha and Tweetles. My dad was full of love and glee.
Roses were my mother's favorite flowers. I have painted swirly blossoms in her memory.
Blue green oceans set my spirit free as does the smooth feeling of oozy paint upon a canvas.
May I bring positive energy to others.

Teaching creatively has been my passion for 25 years. Literature was brought to life using children's backgrounds, pastels, paint, clay, theater, music, creative writing and more. On vacation time, I painted to replenish , as I listened to my favorite playlists! This school year, as I had my kiddos in class brainstorm and write about their likes and goals, my example was painting. It wasn't always like that.
On Halloween of 2002, my hubby underwent open-heart surgery to replace 2 valves that were damaged, due to a bacteria. Before the surgery, we snuggled close in his hospital bed, crying from fear and sorrow, not knowing if it will all go well. He has a healthy heart, thank God. All is good!
That Christmas holiday, Lon surprised me with a beginner's oil painting set! All I ever did was doodle cartoon characters or decorate letters, when I was a kid! Lon's card to me, that went along with the paint kit , lovingly expressed how this is his best holiday and praised me for being there for him. The he added, ' 'So here is a little something for you on this day to expand your horizons and reach out for more of what life has to offer you.'

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Solace by Meryl Goudey


Awareness by Meryl Goudey


Patches of Love Upon the Sea by Meryl Goudey


Bird Picnic in the Sun by Meryl Goudey


Diving Under The Sun by Meryl Goudey


Floating Moods by Meryl Goudey


Garden Spirits by Meryl Goudey


Leaves Blowing in the Wind by Meryl Goudey


Eyes On You Snow Leopard by Meryl Goudey


Spiral Petals by Meryl Goudey


Coral Skies by Meryl Goudey


Fine Feathered Family by Meryl Goudey


Hootie Owl by Meryl Goudey


Sunbursts by Meryl Goudey


Tulip Fest by Meryl Goudey


Flamingo Dance by Meryl Goudey


Eyes On Small Wonders by Meryl Goudey


Gliding On A Breeze by Meryl Goudey


Pastel Feathered Cockatoo by Meryl Goudey


Spring Fever by Meryl Goudey


Fiery Feathers by Meryl Goudey


Soft petals Atop Prickly Cactus by Meryl Goudey


On A Wing And A Prayer by Meryl Goudey


Floating Swan Clouds by Meryl Goudey


Orange Breasted Bluebird by Meryl Goudey


Creamsicle Petals Calling To You by Meryl Goudey


Heart of a Rose by Meryl Goudey


Rainbow of Flowers by Meryl Goudey


Cactus Contrasts by Meryl Goudey


Freckled Flower Delight by Meryl Goudey


Color Streams by Meryl Goudey


Strawberry Reflections by Meryl Goudey


Dreaming By the Sea by Meryl Goudey


Lemon Rhubarb Petals by Meryl Goudey


Mount Fuji Ablaze by Meryl Goudey


Orange Daydream by Meryl Goudey


Neon Sea Life by Meryl Goudey


Embracing Life by Meryl Goudey


Diamonds Riding The Seas by Meryl Goudey


All Heart Lilies by Meryl Goudey


Peek a Boo Kitty by Meryl Goudey


Sublime Dolphins by Meryl Goudey


Sweeping Rays of Sunlight by Meryl Goudey


Swirling into Life by Meryl Goudey


Birthday Bouquet of Wishes by Meryl Goudey


Blue Heron's Catch by Meryl Goudey


New Beginnings by Meryl Goudey


Blue Eyed Cubby by Meryl Goudey

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   |   Images = 226




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