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Menega Sabidussi

Vienna, Vienna - Austria








Menega Sabidussi

Vienna, Vienna - Austria

Menega Sabidussi - Fine Artist

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About Menega Sabidussi

Digital artist, photographer, designer, astrologer.
Austrian. Born in New Orleans, USA, lived in Canada and several places in Europe. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.
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Order and Chaos
My work as a designer and photographer centres around finding and displaying order in nature and our environment - patterns, textures, lines - and around exploring visual symbology with emotional and/or philosophical content.

In my work as an abstract artist I have been exploring the freedom of expression that especially the work with fractals has to offer. It seems like a contradiction that a tool based on mathematics should provide that but the contrary is the case. Fractals are an inherent part of nature, they are all around us, just waiting to be discovered. In freeing myself from the constraints of 'found' symbology - as when I go out with the camera. taking images of what I find - but yet working within the chaos patterns of nature itself, I have been able to find more and more layers of meaning. Concepts and stories emerge that I then flesh out with various techniques until the message or emotion that I am trying to convey comes across. This work has greatly enriched my life!

Image quality guaranteed: After years of overseeing high quality print jobs, I make sure to offer my images only in sizes that I myself am convinced will print perfectly. Some images are suitable for reproductions right up to the largest possible sizes, some up to medium sizes and some you will be happy with at small sizes. Please read the image descriptions in the right hand column for information about the file size. For your convenience, if you need to convert image sizes: Inch-Centimeter Converter.

The image you see here on the screen is much smaller than the actual image your order will be printed from. This smaller display swallows details and fine texturing. To make sure that you will be happy with your choice, please take the time to look carefully at the picture you are interested in with the green framed preview tool - it will show you the picture at it's 100% original size with all details included.

Copyright © Menega Sabidussi
All rights reserved. All images are protected by copyright law and may not be copied or reproduced without permission. Contact me (see the email link up above) if you would like to use one of my images in another capacity than available here.

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