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Mary Burr - Fine Artist

Mary Burr

Lowville, NY - United States








Mary Burr

Lowville, NY - United States

Mary Burr - Fine Artist

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June 10th, 2011







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About Mary Burr

*More work and updates soon!

What I appreciate most about life is the depth behind the vision; that life is more than what meets the eye, but if you look long enough, or with a different perspective, you can see it's meaning. My objective is to give people something to think about.. I want to show people the beauty of the seemingly meaningless lines and shapes around them. Life surrounds everything, and I would like to capture it to share with the world around me. What means most to me about my work is that somebody gets something out of it, no matter how minuscule. I have many messages and ideas I would like to get out and share with the world.

My artistic expression seems to have a duel nature. I prefer art that pops, and I try to integrate unique angles or placements of subjects. I strive for perfect composition, and I have a talent for making colors shout. Conversely, I also enjoy photographing natural landscapes of classic natural beauty, especially in high contrast black and white/grey scale. Ultimately, I love contrast!

My preferred medium, originally, was oil bars. The colors were the richest I'd ever used, and entranced me from the first smear. I loved the detail of graphite drawings, but I also liked the flow of some Liquitex on Masonite. Currently, I am primarily Photographing and sometimes Photoshopping my images into all new creations. Currently I use a Canon 60D for my photography.
I was an art student since before I was a student! My mother was an art student, so my education began before I can remember. I spent my volunteer requirement for high school graduation assisting that my elementary art teacher in her classroom. I was also an art major in high school, gifted with two great artists loosely guiding and encouraging me. I graduated from a small town high school in upstate NY in 1999, and am currently attending my second college, pursuing my major, a Bachelor's in Psychology, with minors in Art, particularly Photography, Philosophy, and Literature. My own eyes, my gut instincts, and a lot of practice, are how I've gained much of my art education.

I live in upstate NY with my family. My children are the most important part of my life. Madison was born in '05 and Dylan in '07. I am also ordained under Unitarian Universalism.
-Featured Artist - July - Town Hall Theatre
-Scholastics Gold Key Award - Painting - Pepsi-Cola Crush - 1998
-Scholastics Silver Key Award - Mixed Media - Self Portrait in Mute - 1998

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Liquid Narcissus by Mary Burr


Strength of Prayer by Mary Burr


Rose Red by Mary Burr


Here's Looking at You by Mary Burr


Brilliant Disguise by Mary Burr


Natural Born Star by Mary Burr


Heavenly Skies by Mary Burr


Rocker Chic by Mary Burr


A Second in Early Spring by Mary Burr


Blast from the Past by Mary Burr


Time Unwinds by Mary Burr


Windmill 2 by Mary Burr


Dissipitation by Mary Burr


From Below by Mary Burr


Angry Moon by Mary Burr


Sundown Skylight by Mary Burr


Purple Haze by Mary Burr


Bleeding Hearts by Mary Burr


Waved by Mary Burr


Sweet Angel Baby by Mary Burr


Destiny by Mary Burr


Floating Female by Mary Burr


Hearty Daffodils by Mary Burr


Set in Stone by Mary Burr


Cycles by Mary Burr


Abstract Hydration by Mary Burr


Farming in Circles by Mary Burr


Two Horses by Mary Burr


Split Sheen by Mary Burr


Daffi Twisted by Mary Burr


Flags by Mary Burr


Innocence by Mary Burr


Fendered by Mary Burr


Praying to the Skies by Mary Burr


Crossed by Mary Burr


Talky by Mary Burr


Phoenix Rising by Mary Burr


Rainbow X by Mary Burr


Unknown Soldier by Mary Burr


Sunburst by Mary Burr


Blue Burst by Mary Burr


Twolips by Mary Burr


Docked by Mary Burr


Barbed Blockade by Mary Burr


Universal Love by Mary Burr


Farmhouse in the Evening by Mary Burr


Drained and Polished by Mary Burr


The Falls by Mary Burr

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