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Mark Myhaver

Oro Valley, AZ - United States








Mark Myhaver

Oro Valley, AZ - United States

Mark Myhaver - Fine Artist

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About Mark Myhaver

Photography has been the most singular constant throughout my life.

My love of photography began when gifted with a camera at the age of six years old. It has been my greatest passion in life ever since. I read and studied everything I could get my hands on related to photography from that early age and continue to do so every day. As a portrait photographer in the late 90s, I was one of the first in that field in the New England area to embrace digital imaging and incorporate it into my business. By 2001 I started shooting with digital cameras and have never looked back.

As a well accomplished portrait photographer, I loved making people feel great about themselves by bringing out the best image of which they perceived or desired themselves to be. Though portraiture was the primary focus of my studio, I was very much a general practitioner serving whatever photography need was required for clients in the commercial market place as well. With the rapid advances of the digital imaging evolution, I was in a unique position to help other studios convert their film based businesses to the new world of digital photography. Working closely with professional portrait labs and studios alike I helped map the workflow for this new revolution in photography.

I served on the board of directors of the Maine Professional Photographers Association and as its president in 2000. The relationships developed through the MPPA and other professional photography associations, enabled me to not only hone my own skills but those of others as well. By organizing and conducting seminars with the help of Fujifilm USA and other industry partners, I continued to share and promote the benefits of digital photography. Within a few years, I closed my studio in Portland, ME and continued working with other studios in New England as a digital photography consultant.

After relocating to Arizona in 2010 I no longer worked in the photography industry but continued to enjoy my passion and stay up to date on all the latest digital photography developments. I continued to pursue photography merely for my own enjoyment. In 2012 I quite suddenly, became deathly ill and spent weeks in a coma. My family was gathered together three different times and told by the doctors treating me that I would not survive as I had multiple infections, other complications and my remaining organs were rapidly shutting down. Thanks in great part to the love my family surrounded me with and the excellent care at Oro Valley Hospital, I managed beyond expectations to slowly fight my way back to life. A great deal of credit for my miraculous recovery goes to my daughters, Kara and Marissa, who refused to give up on me and would not accept that it was my time to go. Marissa, who is a nurse as well as a passionate photographer in her own right, continuously saw signs of hope while analyzing numbers and data on my charts and monitors. Though it was a long road to recovery and many months before I could even lift my camera, my love of photography and family became my reasons to live. Photography was always my best therapy and indeed served me well in my recovery from this near death experience.

Today, with the knowledge that my life journey devoted to family and photography is not complete, my passion has been renewed with great vigor. Today I create fine art images with my love of landscape, nature, wildlife, scenic and a range of photography that serves to satisfy my passion and hopefully bring joy and happiness to others.

There are three things I will forever be grateful for. First, I have been blessed with a wonderful and large, loving family begun by my parents John and Beverly. Though you and my brother John are no longer in this world, I feel your presence always. To my son, Wesley, my daughters Renee, Marissa and Kara, as well as the ever growing amounts of sweet grandchildren and all of my many siblings, there are no words to express my unconditional love for you. You are all the best anyone could ever hope for. Second, I was blessed with a second chance in life. We are all challenged with adversities many times in this earthly life. If we embrace these challenges they will enrich our lives and the lives of others around us. We are all given another chance every day of our lives. Embrace it! When you are faced with your own mortality, it puts life in a different perspective and you realize what is truly important in this world. Third, it has been a blessing to me, to be able to see beauty in the natural world we live in and to be gifted with a way to present that beauty to others. If I can put a smile on your face, elicit feelings of peace, happiness, joy, kindness, awe or otherwise move you in some positive way through my photography, I have served my divinely gifted talent and passion well. It is my desire that others may enjoy my images as much as I do in creating them.

So my life work continues with the support of those patrons who purchase my photos. Though I create photography for the love of it, I am ever grateful for your support, as it is only through the sales of my work that I am able to continue producing the photos I share with you.

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Peaks and Valley No.48 by Mark Myhaver


Mushroom Cloud - Nature Made by Mark Myhaver


Bearing Fruit by Mark Myhaver


Canyon del Oro No.48 by Mark Myhaver


Canyon del Oro No.45 by Mark Myhaver


Lily 17 by Mark Myhaver


Glimpse Of Red Rocks by Mark Myhaver


Sedona Red Rocks by Mark Myhaver


High Towers by Mark Myhaver


Foreboding Towers by Mark Myhaver


Moon Over Pusch Ridge No.02 by Mark Myhaver


An Evening Dance - Framed by Mark Myhaver


An Evening Dance by Mark Myhaver


Moist Kiss by Mark Myhaver


Twin Peaks Sunset by Mark Myhaver


Winter Arrives by Mark Myhaver


Sugar Coated by Mark Myhaver


Snuggled By Clouds - Oil by Mark Myhaver


Snuggled By Clouds by Mark Myhaver


Table Mountain No.41 by Mark Myhaver


Maine Rocky Coast No29 by Mark Myhaver


Maine Rocky Coast No28 by Mark Myhaver


Afterglow 02 by Mark Myhaver


Afterglow 50 by Mark Myhaver

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