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Mark Balli

Aurora, CO - United States








Mark Balli

Aurora, CO - United States

Mark Balli - Fine Artist

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About Mark Balli

'I have loved the stars too fondly to ever be fearful of the night'.

Mark Balli, born in Brownsville, Texas, raised in Louisiana, and now living in Aurora, Colorado, has 20 years experience behind the camera. I picked up my first camera back in 1984 and I have never stopped shooting. Being behind the camera has always given me the freedom that I enjoy very much. It's a way of expressing myself through image and light. I love the whole process of searching, composing and capturing that perfect shot.

Living in Colorado has offered me the opportunity to travel throughout the Rocky Mountains to enjoy the beauty it has to offer. Little did I realize that I would come to love the Rocky Mountains especially after leaving the warm sandy beaches of L.A. There is so much to explore out there that it's amazing. The beauty of the night sky deep in the mountains is spectacular, especially when there is a new moon (Totally dark). I especially love shooting the Milky Way during the summer months and capturing the Galactic Core.

Shooting the stars and the Milky Way gives me peace and comfort and takes me to another world...another Galaxy. I usually drive far away from the city lights and spend the wee hours of the morning shooting the stars. I have become addicted to the night sky.

I always say that people who live in or near the city lights sure are missing the beauty of the night sky. You can't even imagine it unless you go out there and witness it for yourself. For those of you who have never witnessed the beauty of the Night Sky and the Milky Way... I bring the beauty to you. I hope you enjoy my passion.

-Photography is my passion...and my peace

Mark Balli

All work is the original work of Mark Balli. It is for sale, 2013 Mark Balli
and, as such, is protected by US & International Copyright laws.

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The Shining by Mark Balli

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