Lynda Lehmann - Fine Artist

Lynda Lehmann

Fountain Hills, AZ - United States








Lynda Lehmann

Fountain Hills, AZ - United States

Lynda Lehmann - Fine Artist

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About Lynda Lehmann

I'm an abstract painter and photographer with a passion for color and the forms of nature. I enjoy making digital art as well, and discovering new visual experiences, whatever the medium. I've sold my work online and in a gallery, exhibits and boutiques. My writing has been quoted on the net, in printed material, and in a movie, and has been published at 'Creativity Portal.' Exploring nature is a passionate interest for me. I love swimming, hiking and canoeing.

Writing four Young Adult novels, some soft, sociological sci fi stories, and poetry about nature, has been a wonderful part of my journey. I'm interested in the spiritual aspect of creative process and how it connects us to our beautiful planet.

You can visit http://lyndalehmann.imagekind/store or if you want to see more of my paintings, photos, and digital art. Or visit my blog 'Peripheral Vision' at if you want to see my list of group and solo exhibits, find links to my articles on art, or read my most recent art news. You might enjoy my products at Zazzle: - and, among others listed there. You can view or purchase my paintings at

I wish you much beauty and peace in your life. Thank you for looking at my art.

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February Prickly Pear by Lynda Lehmann


Verdant Cliffs by Lynda Lehmann


Dreamy Day with High Clouds by Lynda Lehmann


Waltz of the Forest by Lynda Lehmann


Spreading Palo Verde Splendor by Lynda Lehmann


Palm Effusion in WInter by Lynda Lehmann


Potted Zebra Glory Days by Lynda Lehmann


Afternoon Bliss by Lynda Lehmann


Color Journey in Magenta by Lynda Lehmann


Mess in the Garden 29 by Lynda Lehmann


Mess in the Garden by Lynda Lehmann


Symphonic Blue 9 by Lynda Lehmann


Orchidelia 5 by Lynda Lehmann


Orchid Cascade by Lynda Lehmann


Abstract With Red Lines by Lynda Lehmann


Materialization of a Shell by Lynda Lehmann


Schenectady Spring by Lynda Lehmann


Original Spring 3 by Lynda Lehmann


SanctifiedbyLight by Lynda Lehmann


Gross Misrepresentation by Lynda Lehmann


Complementary Blooms by Lynda Lehmann


Path of Memory by Lynda Lehmann


Plantasia in Magenta and Lime by Lynda Lehmann


Grace and Elegance by Lynda Lehmann

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   |   Images = 662





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