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Loxi Sibley

Brownsville, CA - United States

Loxi Sibley - Fine Artist

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About Loxi Sibley

I'm really not sure where to begin my story. The Elvis sale took place in 1976, but my life has been so influenced by Elvis that it amazes me most of the time. Unfortunately, I was never able to see him in person, but like all the other fans, I played his music and attended every movie the day it hit the theater in our small corner of the world.
I was just a pre-teen the first time I saw one of his movies. In fact, I didn't even want to go! I was a tomboy, I had never heard of him before, and I had better things to do. Well, my mom 'insisted' that I go, and after about five minutes or so into the movie Jailhouse Rock, I was hooked! So, I won't bore you with my life's story and I'll jump ahead to 1975. At that time, I didn't know anything about Elvis Presley, or Elvis memorabilia
I have always been very critical of my art work; I think most artist's are. I can't remember when I wasn't involved with it in one form or another. At the end of 1974, I tried to do a portrait of Elvis and it just wasn't right, so at that time I left that idea alone and went on to my other paintings and I had other things and people to take care of too, my kids and my wonderful husband. Then, in 1975, the urge hit me again to do a portrait of Elvis. I really wanted to do one, but it had to be my best effort and I wasn't sure that I could do him justice. I spent one year working on the Elvis portrait with the microphone, it was a labor of pure love. Not only does the image have to be right, but the soul, the personality has to be there also as best I can. Then finally, I thought, I guess this is the best I can do, and I left it alone.
Before I knew it, I was doing the second portrait and then the third. I have painted some portraits of Elvis and destroyed them, because I didn't think they were good enough, now I want to kick myself, because some of them were good. Anyway, after I had completed the first three portraits, my mom (again) insisted that I take them to a store called Records in downtown Sacramento. There, I met Lee Cotton, an Elvis specialist, who was the person that made a wish come true for this country girl. Lee knew the Colonel, and sent him pictures of the paintings. The next thing I know Lee is personally flying the paintings to the Colonel. And wow, I still pinch myself. After the paintings were purchased by BoxCar Enterprises, posters (fine quality I might add) were produced and sold at Elvis' concerts. What a thrill that was for me! And then later to be told that Elvis, himself was in possession of the paintings and that he loved my work and knew my name. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would ever really happen to me. Then in 2014, in her new book, “Elvis and Ginger”, my name and my art were also mentioned. Thank you Ginger, you know how much this means to me.

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Landscape-lake and trees by Loxi Sibley


Morgan Horse by Loxi Sibley


Country Stream in the Fall by Loxi Sibley


Mellow Blue by Loxi Sibley


Yosemite by Loxi Sibley


Stained Glass Window by Loxi Sibley


Elvis in Charcoal by Loxi Sibley


Sean Connery - Peacock Feathers by Loxi Sibley


Stormy by Loxi Sibley


Spikes Creek by Loxi Sibley


Blue Moon by Loxi Sibley


Donna by Loxi Sibley


Rooster by Loxi Sibley


Elvis in Blue by Loxi Sibley


Red Peacock by Loxi Sibley


Lavender Ruby by Loxi Sibley


Blue Rose by Loxi Sibley


Elvis TCB by Loxi Sibley


Memories by Loxi Sibley


Four Point Star by Loxi Sibley


Living Water by Loxi Sibley


Brown Eyes by Loxi Sibley


It's not what you see it's what you don't see by Loxi Sibley


Sierra Spring Storm by Loxi Sibley


Ring design by Loxi Sibley


Barbra by Loxi Sibley


Arabian Horse Head by Loxi Sibley


Elvis by Loxi Sibley


Red Leaves by Loxi Sibley


Purple by Loxi Sibley


Three Arabian Horses by Loxi Sibley


Design by Loxi Sibley by Loxi Sibley


Untitled by Loxi Sibley


? by Loxi Sibley



Colorful Bubbles by Loxi Sibley


Design by Loxi Sibley by Loxi Sibley


Design by Loxi Sibley by Loxi Sibley


Trying to Get Back to You..... by Loxi Sibley


Falling Leaves by Loxi Sibley


Blue background by Loxi Sibley

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