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Lorna Maza

Houston, TX - United States

Lorna Maza - Fine Artist

Lorna Maza

Member Since: 10/27/2012

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Lorna graduated from Saint Louis College (now Saint Louis University) in the Philippines with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce, major in banking and Finance. She has also taken a basic programming course in Systems Technology Institute (STI) Philippines. Lorna and her husband had no formal art training and had never attended any painting classes, other than their art classes in elementary and high school. They taught themselves how to paint and have developed their own styles and techniques.

Lorna had been a very active student, during her school days. She liked joining contests, especially art contests, even winning places in some of them. She had won places in flower making contests, as well as, in cooking contests. She had also helped friends in making art works for their projects/assignments.

Lorna has always been an art enthusiast and a nature-loving/environmentally friendly individual. She likes to collect seemingly worthless items and to turn them into unique works of art. She had collected fruit and vegetable seeds of varying sizes and color. She had dried them and put them into long empty bottles, which she displays in their living room. She has decorated their town home with unimaginable and unique art works made from materials such as chocolate wrappers, used stamps, stones, strings, broken beads, and even crab shells. She also knows how to sew and cross stitch, and has even designed some of her own dresses. She likes photography, dancing, singing and playing her flute and piano/organ.

You can visit Cyril Maza website:

Prints of Cyril and Lorna's artworks are also available on t-shirts, mugs, stamps, and other gift items. Please click here see their store at Zazzle.

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Lorna Maza - Harvest Season

Harvest Season

Lorna Maza

Lorna Maza - The Hidden Water

The Hidden Water

Lorna Maza

Lorna Maza - Hidden Forest

Hidden Forest

Lorna Maza

Lorna Maza - Hidden Paradise

Hidden Paradise

Lorna Maza

Lorna Maza - Harvest Tiime

Harvest Tiime

Lorna Maza

Lorna Maza - Paradise


Lorna Maza

Lorna Maza - The Seed

The Seed

Lorna Maza

Lorna Maza - Miss Universe

Miss Universe

Lorna Maza

Lorna Maza - Balance and Money
Lorna Maza - Eggs


Lorna Maza

Lorna Maza - Billiard Table

Billiard Table

Lorna Maza

Lorna Maza - Jasmina


Lorna Maza

Lorna Maza - Glass Wall

Glass Wall

Lorna Maza

Lorna Maza - Lady Lobster

Lady Lobster

Lorna Maza

Lorna Maza - Kiddie House

Kiddie House

Lorna Maza

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   |   Image Count = 224





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