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Lori Quarton

Orange, CA - United States








Lori Quarton

Orange, CA - United States

Lori Quarton - Fine Artist

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About Lori Quarton

I have been painting for over 25 years professionally. My work has been purchased world-wide and I have many happy collectors. As with many artists, painting is a passion for me. Sometimes I'd rather paint than eat (well, maybe an exaggeration, but sometimes I do forget to grab lunch). I studied art in college and went on to have a career in business, then as a flight attendant and later working for the Xerox Corp. as a Customer Representative. During this time I kept painting and sketching. My very early work was in oil, but then I switched to watercolor and worked with it for many years. A few years ago I went back to oils and have been loving it!! My real passion is painting en plein aire (in other words painting on location). I found that painting in oils on location was much more fun than painting in watercolor (for me). You notice I qualified that as not everyone feels that way.

I live on a mini horse ranch in So. Calif. Only one horse left and he belongs to a friend, but lives 'with us'. Long ago I was strictly an equestrian artist, but at the present time my favorites to paint are flowers, land and seascapes, and architecture. It's a wonderful life! (That sounds familiar.)

If you would like to see more of my work, look me up at www.loriquarton.com, or quartonart.blogspot.com, or on Facebook.

Thanks for looking and purchasing!

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Squashed by Lori Quarton


A Pair Of Daisies by Lori Quarton


Epiphyllum by Lori Quarton


Iris View by Lori Quarton


Squash Series 1 by Lori Quarton


Trick or Treat by Lori Quarton


Cigarette Keeper by Lori Quarton


Heart Of A Rose by Lori Quarton


Iris Vision by Lori Quarton


Waterlily Reflections by Lori Quarton


Hibiscus Star by Lori Quarton


Cactus Flower by Lori Quarton


Sunflower Girls 4 by Lori Quarton


Ode To Joy by Lori Quarton


Waltzing Matilda by Lori Quarton


Just the Two of Us by Lori Quarton


Getting to Know You by Lori Quarton


Orange Iceland Poppy by Lori Quarton


Brugmancia-Angels Trumpet by Lori Quarton


Here I Am by Lori Quarton


Star Of The Show by Lori Quarton


Fried Egg Flower by Lori Quarton


Hibiscus by Lori Quarton


Pansy Face by Lori Quarton

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