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Lori Frostad

Leduc, AB - Canada

Lori Frostad - Fine Artist

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About Lori Frostad

About Me ...

A lot of the photos have been taken with my Canon DSLR camera and a few with my family's assorted cameras. I then use a variety of computer software to help me create a unique image.

I am going to give you the short version of 'About Me' for those that just want to know a bit about me and a longer version for those that might be a bit more curious.

Short Version:
I am a part-time self taught amateur photographer/artist that had a creative itch to scratch. Photography has been something I have loved from an early age and with the creation of digital photography it has allowed me the opportunity to take the path I should have taken many years ago (if you want clarity -- you'll have to read the long version, below).

I have dabbled in a few home showings, a Christmas Farmer's Market, etc. It was my intension to eventually take my art (yes, I call it art) to the internet. A friend also suggested it, which helped me to believe it could be done - and so here we are. I hope you enjoy what you see.

Long Version:
I'll continue from the comment 'Photography has been something I have loved from an early age ... Growing up, my family used to have an antique accordion style camera that I would pretend to take people's pictures. I would cut out a square of the Sunday comics and place the picture inside the camera. When I took their picture, I would have them pose as the picture in the comic. It would only take seconds for the picture to develop. Of course, everybody was amazed at my photographic ability.

My first real camera was nothing special, nothing special in the technical sense of the word, but it was special to me. Unfortunately, I have lost track of that camera and the photos I took.

My love of photography was once again brought to light in junior high. I took what was called Industrial Arts. We took pictures and developed them ourselves. What a treat.

I sat through Chemistry 10 & 20 in High School (back then chemistry was a prerequisite because of the use of developing chemicals) with the plan to go to school to pursue my aspirations of becoming a photographer but for whatever reason, I didn't. As time went by, I came to a crossroads of my life I needed to pursue a career. I did some deep thinking, but not soul searching, if I had, I think the outcome would have been different. I decided to go to college to become a legal assistant.

I was a legal assistant for quite a few years, but I found being in a lawyer's office was not where I wanted to be. In my office job now, part of my duties are to create posters, signs and a quarterly newsletter. Creating these projects brought back my creative streak. Working on those projects didn't feel like work to me.

I used to think my only purpose in life was to be mom to my kids, wife to my husband, assistant to my boss and then when my oldest child moved out to start university it started a process of reflection (a.k.a. mid life crises). He was pursuing his dream. It made me ponder the decisions I had made ... and made me remember the dream I had left behind.

With the creation of digital photography, it somewhat allows me to go back in time. It allows me to venture down a path I had mistakenly decided not to take.

It is my hope that you too will call my photo creations art. It is absolutely my pleasure to create and share them with you.

Thanks for taking the time to read,

(P.S. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family for their love and understanding as they allow me the time to pursue my dream and also to let them know that even though supper will be late and the laundry isn't done ... I love them all very much). lol

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