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Lisa Stunda

London, ON - Canada








Lisa Stunda

London, ON - Canada

Lisa Stunda - Fine Artist

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January 21st, 2011







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About Lisa Stunda

I dont really have much to say, im just an ordinally person with an ordinary life. I work at a small motel, I was married at 17 , in 1974, we have 3 grown children., and 5 grandchildren. W hen i was very young my dad was painting as a hobby, and id love watching, so hed buy me a canvas too. His friends would always suggest for him to sell his paintings but he never thought he was good enough, so he gave them to people. H e was excellent at drawing cartoons too. Im always trying to draw something when i have paper around, and for the past few months after seeing a friend take art lessons, i picked up a canvas, and immediately got hooked , its alot of trial and error, if i hear one of my kids say u didnt do that, i know i may have did good lol, they dont say that anymore they usually grab a painting, which makes me feel like ,hey they acually think im onto something, only with i never stopped, i have seen the most incredible paintings on this site, and think how can i compare, but hay i do what i do., mD maybe one day il be as good as my dad was in my eyes

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My Favorite House In Summer by Lisa Stunda


Once Pretty by Lisa Stunda


My favorite house by Lisa Stunda


Come On Let Me On by Lisa Stunda


Pumpkin Baby by Lisa Stunda


I Cant Decide by Lisa Stunda


grumpy Ash by Lisa Stunda


Wheres The Birds by Lisa Stunda


The white duck by Lisa Stunda


Girls at the park by Lisa Stunda


Springbank by Lisa Stunda


Chilling by Lisa Stunda


We Are Coming To Get You by Lisa Stunda


Fitting In by Lisa Stunda


Sun Set Takes Over by Lisa Stunda


Purple Waters by Lisa Stunda


Tropical Cave by Lisa Stunda


Out Of Place by Lisa Stunda


So Interesting by Lisa Stunda


Sisters by Lisa Stunda


Contimplating by Lisa Stunda


The Little Bench by Lisa Stunda


Abandoned House Part 2 by Lisa


Abandoned House by Lisa Stunda

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