Lisa Kaiser - Fine Artist

Lisa Kaiser

Kennewick, WA - United States








Lisa Kaiser

Kennewick, WA - United States

Lisa Kaiser - Fine Artist

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April 21st, 2014







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About Lisa Kaiser

I find art interesting regardless of education and culture, or the technologies used in the creation of a fine art. While painting a perfect reproduction of reality is the goal for some amazing artists, my goal is to fall short of that and focus on the image. As an imagist, I like undefined or abstract lines because every painting can have multiple interpretations. Instead of looking at an object and attempting to paint what I see as I was taught in art school, I splatter paint, spatula it around, and create shapes until a painting emerges. I am as eager to find out what is going to happen on each and every canvas. After I complete a painting, I photograph my work and the final process is at the computer using a variety of programs to create a painting that not only matches the original but adds texture to create the best printed version of the original. Because my studio is small, I choose to preserve the integrity of my artwork in digital technology so that family and friends can see all that happens in my small studio/gallery in Kennewick, Washington. If you see a painting that you would like, email me at I might have that original in stock. Thank you for reading my bio and visiting my gallery. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.

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Candy Cane Bouquet by Lisa Kaiser


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Garden Bouquet by Lisa Kaiser


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Painting and Wine by Lisa Kaiser


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The Guardians by Lisa Kaiser

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