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Linda Lane - Bloise

Haskell, TX - United States

Linda Lane - Bloise - Fine Artist

Linda Lane - Bloise

Member Since: 06/01/2010

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Linda Lane – Bloise

Note to interested buyers: All Fine Arts America watermarks shown on my work will be removed from all purchased items. They are used on my work only as protection from theft and you may be completely assured that the FAA watermark will not appear on the pieces that you purchase.

I have just recently started another career; writing and managing the office of my hometown newspaper....since my other passion is writing, I jumped at the chance to take this work on! It involves me deeply in the lives of the people here and in the community interests...but it does slow me down on my painting and communicating with you which I do regret. Please forgive if I am slower than usual in responding and much slower in posting new work; but I am loving the new challenge! Haskell Star/Stamford to see the paper. I write for Haskell.

My life began in Haskell, TX. ; and was strongly influenced from the very beginning by the fashion industry as well as the town, it’s people, and the environment that surrounded me. The interest in fashion came automatically because I was practically born under the dress racks in Lane- Felker; the fashion store for women that opened in 1940, when my Mother first realized she was pregnant with me. Not only did she and My Aunt own their own business at that time, but Mother worked almost until the day she delivered me. I might add that during the early forties, that was shocking to most people in this small town. So …as a result of my beginnings, I grew up loving all things beautiful ; and was attracted to the design of clothes, objects and the balance of color . Recreating what was at hand into something different and more beautiful than it was before has always been particularly satisfying to me. The refreshing approach of putting something in a place that is not typical or usual, yet attractive, is most appealing to me. More than anything, however, I am energized by learning, and achieving in many different areas of creativity. As you can tell from the time of my birth, I’ve evolved through more than a few years….and I’m amazed sometimes when I retrace my tracks and realize all the places I’ve been, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and creatively, in that length of time. The journey continues to interest and excite me…and I find great joy in just being alive and spending time continuing to learn and to create.

I was a stay at home Mom during the 1960’s, 70’s, and most of the 80’s….save for the time I spent after children were school age…when I studied Jung Psychology…attended University…Baked and taught lessons on how to bake homemade international breads of all kinds. Had bread and soup parties, decorated homes, sewed daughter’s dance costumes, did tea room and runway modeling and by the time the last one was in High School, I began going to market; helping with the buying for Lane – Felker as well as to continue modeling. That experience helped tremendously when I opened “Linda Lane” my own Boutique and Make –Up make over Beauty Salon on Memorial Drive in Houston some years later. I did seminars on ward robing For NASA and Houston Business; fashion shows in practically every country club in the Houston Area and on and on. It turns out, that I wasn’t as good at the money management as I was at creating artistically that which was lovely.

You see here the fruits of my most recent challenge in an artistic endeavor…my work is done on the computer ( self taught ; I learned to use a computer several years ago). At the time I learned to use the P.C., I used it mainly to e mail my children and to write some of my memoirs and my poetry…..never did it occur to me at the time that I would be creating and re creating pictures someday with this machine. I have in the past painted mostly with make-up; both my own face and the faces of women who came to me for my professional expertise. I’ve used acrylics to paint on glass; and I love doing that too.

Because I love beautiful artwork of many mediums, I began to pay more and more attention to photography and looked at a lot of good photography on the computer . I also began to take more pictures and download them….by and by I played around with the photography; until one day I became inspired to combine and recreate pictures using my photos. My collection of pictures grew and I kept playing until I came up with techniques that allow me to replace and superimpose several pictures together to make a new creation. I do not use any particular computer program and I have no exact formula for the work I do : I very seldom use the same techniques. Just as most painters work from inspiration, I would not be able to reproduce exactly the same piece over again. The pieces just seem to happen through inspiration; and by trial and error. My hope is that you will see in my creative work, the joy, love, and beauty that my heart holds and the timelessness of my heart’s delight.

PS: I returned to my hometown, Haskell, TX. thirteen years ago, after spending most of my adult life in Austin, Washington D.C., Houston, San Francisco, Houston.

PS #2: Because I rotate and change out my pieces, perhaps you do not see a piece that you admired before....If you would wish to see it again or perhaps purchase it ...please notify me at I will be happy to re post any of my pieces or answer any questions you have concerning my art.

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Linda  Lane - Bloise -  Glorious


Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - The Look Of Love

The Look Of Love

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - Trust Me

Trust Me

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - At The Cross

At The Cross

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - Leaves In The Wind

Leaves In The Wind

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - Roman Candle Explosion

Roman Candle Explosion

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - All About Pink

All About Pink

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - Bird In The Bush

Bird In The Bush

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - It Must Have Been...

It Must Have Been...

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - Topsy Turvy Bouquet

Topsy Turvy Bouquet

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - Centerpiece For Autumn

Centerpiece For Autumn

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - Centerpiece For Spring

Centerpiece For Spring

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - Semi Precious

Semi Precious

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - Grow A Rainbow

Grow A Rainbow

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - Heart Full Of Joy

Heart Full Of Joy

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise -  Tropical


Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - The Rocket

The Rocket's Red Glare

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - Nature In Blue

Nature In Blue

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - Remember


Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - Autumn  Arrangement

Autumn Arrangement

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - It

It's Autumn

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - Autumn Sky

Autumn Sky

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - Softly Floral

Softly Floral

Linda Lane - Bloise

Linda  Lane - Bloise - Autumn Galaxy

Autumn Galaxy

Linda Lane - Bloise

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