Linda Ferreira - Fine Artist

Linda Ferreira

Pretoria, Gauteng - South Africa








Linda Ferreira

Pretoria, Gauteng - South Africa

Linda Ferreira - Fine Artist

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About Linda Ferreira

By exploring….. Different effects can be obtained in the results, on the usage of river soil and paper-mâché, combined with mixed media and ghesso to create a new type of 3D impressionistic piece of art. This together with the usage of oil paints in richly displayed different temperatures of colors creates something different and unique. Art to me is all about creating something new, colorful and exotic; not merely the representation of a tree, landscape, animal or face that already existed. Therefore I preferably create paintings which lead the visual viewer to think beyond what the eye can see. Sometimes the representation of something by drawing thus that already exists, gives me a feeling of satisfaction and the challenge of being able to use skills in presenting something beautiful, just the way it is.
My work is a dedication to the great things done in me and through me by my Creator. It is a display of His grace in my life to each and everyone involved that can see beyond the here and now and can see where this journey is going to take all of us. I call this a safari through life as the word safari in Swahili means journey.
My aim as an artist is is not to be a people or Gallery pleaser. I paint and draw only what is in my heart, trying to create something unique new and different with each individual piece of work. Everything has a story to tell beyond what is seen with the ordinary human eye and that has the element of life and intimacy. I believe that my work will be a blessing to everyone taking this safari on and that it will touch and change your life. May it give you the gift of beauty and truth through a display of color in richness and design. May every pencil drawing bring a unique feeling to the heart filled with joy and fulfilment. I mostly enjoy working in oil on canvas or canvas board or mixed media with oil. Acrylic paints together with mixed media and ghesso is also used for certain effects, which adds a special touch to each piece of work.
I am currently also available to work on consignment. Please feel free to contact me to enquire on the availability of artworks by email or telephone.

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