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Aliceann Carlton

Terry, MT - United States








Aliceann Carlton

Terry, MT - United States

Aliceann Carlton - Fine Artist

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About Aliceann Carlton

Over six decades it has occurred to me I am a chameleon in some sort of human disguise. Growing up I found it just as easy to be a horse, a tree, and some sort of small being standing up to evils in the cosmos shouting , 'You will not win' and banishing all darkness with my 45 pound frame of energy and light. Well, that's how I saw it, anyway. I turned to crayons and colored endless loops and tangles without destination. I drew horses and more horses and more horses, some trees (not well), cats, dogs, houses and mushrooms. Growing up on a dirt road known to be visited by aliens (rural NJ in the 1950s) can create some strange realities.

After some years of school and living in unusual places away from the US, I landed in a career calling of treating and learning from those afflicted, sometimes blessed, with mental disorders. The art of psychotherapy replaced the tangled loops; neuro-anatomy and Ayurveda got married and settled into my chameleon self as an understanding of why being able to shift and retain one's original self is important.

Now, in later decades, I have the luxury of both work and art expression, letting chameleon images form through camera and digital brushes. I do not always know how a final image is going to play, although I certainly start with a straightforward set of shapes, canvas, colors and light. It's like dipping into that famous box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.

Welcome, visit often, comment, customize, order and have fun with what matches the chameleon in you.

Aliceann Carlton

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