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Aliceann Carlton

Terry, MT - United States








Aliceann Carlton

Terry, MT - United States

Aliceann Carlton - Fine Artist

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About Aliceann Carlton

I grew up on a dirt road in the Hunterdon Hills of New Jersey in the 1950's. As a small person I had the run of woods, fields, and acres of natural habitats. I have a lifelong passion for horses, dogs, cats, and all living creatures. I loved to draw, color and sketch as a child. However, I never quite caught the ability to create on paper what I saw with my eyes and heart.

Over the past few years, as my workload eased a bit, I have been learning to use digital photography and a number of good digital software programs to achieve images that elude my hand/eye mastery. I currently use a Nikon D3200 and take most photos in RAW. I find using the RAW format affords the greatest opportunity to maintain image quality and creative applications. Standalone photos, HDR, abstract rendering, and digital painting all allow me to use a combination of pure novelty interest 'I wonder what happens if I do this?' with a vision of planned outcome as seen by my mind taking the photos.

A psychotherapist by training and current practice, I find the effects of sensory experience including imagery,symbolism and energy to be core elements of the lives we live. Psychotherapists are eclectic by nature and are collectors of images and experiences shared by the hundreds of people they treat. There is disciplined artistry in this work, as there is in any job or practice. It is a unique gift of life to be a part of many others' views of life as we do our best to help them lift difficult burdens. If a psychotherapist has a lively curiosity about the fabric that makes up others' daily lives, the enrichment of learning from them enlarges a practitioner's understanding of life as well.

Thank you for visiting these galleries. They will be always enlarging and changing. That's life.

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