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Lenore Senior

Pueblo, CO - United States








Lenore Senior

Pueblo, CO - United States

Lenore Senior - Fine Artist

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[Please have your sound on while watching this video.]

Born a daughter of a kind and loving mother and an artist, writer, philosopher father, Lenore is a combination of practical and idealist. She has been a photographer over many years and exhibited in her home state of Wyoming in years past. She is re-discovering her creative side after the loss of her beautiful mother (age 88) in March, 2010. Lenore was previously the founder, director and a counselor for the Center for Grief & Loss Counseling and Education, a non-profit organization in Pueblo, Colorado. She is now in private practice. (Website: http://www.lenore-senior.com/.) Lenore has been an English teacher, a legal secretary, etc. Lenore founded an international literary-art magazine she edited for many years with her sister, Dawn Senior-Trask (also an FAA member) called 'Wyoming, the Hub of the Wheel...A Journey for Universal Spokesmen.' Lenore was also the founder of a humane organization in Pueblo. She is owned by two cats.

Lenore's artistic bent is an interest in how colors combine (complementary or contrasting), lighting, texture, and nature, abstracts, architecture & geometry, minimalism, impressionism, expressionism, etc. Both photograph and art should be about how the artist sees the world. Lenore is less interested in literal renditions than in poetic interpretations. Lenore, as a poet and writer, likes to think of art as metaphor. Art is universal. It transcends and soars.

Lenore's website: caathumane.wix.com/lenore-senior

Lenore is the administrator for the FAA groups: Old MASTERS, OUR WORLD GALLERY, and THE BEST OF MINIMALISM. Links:



http://www.fineartamerica.com/groups/our-world-gallery.html and (new) http://fineartamerica.com/groups/the-best-of-minimalism-in-photography.html?tab=overview.



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Spring by Lenore Senior


Autumn Moon by Lenore Senior


Calligraphy in Snow by Lenore Senior


Driving by the Lake by Lenore Senior

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