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Laurie Pike

Mary Esther, FL - United States








Laurie Pike

Mary Esther, FL - United States

Laurie Pike - Fine Artist

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About Laurie Pike

Iíve always loved anything to do with art and photography. After taking many art classes throughout my schooling I felt it was time to take several years off from art to work in other career interest. The one thing I discovered through the years was I always came back to wanting to create art. I have several different interests as an artist ranging from painting in different mediums, to pencil sketches, digital artwork and photography.

As time went by I tried different places to market and sell my digital artwork however after many attempts I became successful at my Etsy Store. Currently my store at Etsy offers many digital sets, digital papers, scrapbooking kits, exclusive artwork, custom artwork and so much more. You can visit my store there for your digital needs at

Over the course of time I created several pieces of artwork that just didnít quit fit into my Etsy Store and left me wondering what I could do to get my creations out there. I discovered Fine Art America and become very excited to not only be able to list and sell my artwork in all the mediums I love, but to also belong to a strong artist community! Now all my artwork is available for purchase in several different ways. Prints and originals can be purchased here at, phone cases at, and licensing at www.
My artwork is very special to me as I put my heart and soul into each piece I create. IĎve loved the excitement and challenge that has come along with creating each piece. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of my creations as I get out of making them.
Warmest Wishes,
Laurie Pike

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Jelly Fish Cluster by Laurie Pike


America's Past by Laurie Pike


Swimming in the dark by Laurie Pike


Dewey by Laurie Pike


Floating Jelly Fish by Laurie Pike


Sunset Surf by Laurie Pike


Fish Prespective by Laurie Pike


Sharks Prespective by Laurie Pike


Sea Turtle Prespective by Laurie Pike


Silhouette Sunrise by Laurie Pike


Above the trees by Laurie Pike


Behind the dunes by Laurie Pike


Sunrays at sunrise by Laurie Pike


Daily Feeding by Laurie Pike


Springs Arrival by Laurie Pike


Shades of a Daisy by Laurie Pike


Fanning out of blackness by Laurie Pike


Spring in with yellow by Laurie Pike


Side of a Guitar by Laurie Pike


At the Reef by Laurie Pike


Magical Flutter by Laurie Pike


Hummingbirds Dance by Laurie Pike


Shell kissed with color by Laurie Pike


Spring Breaking Through by Laurie Pike

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   |   Images = 572





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