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Kurt Miller

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Kurt Miller

Lemoore, CA - United States

Kurt Miller - Fine Artist

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About Kurt Miller

Kurt Miller currently resides in Hanford, California with his two dogs Willy and Cyan. He graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communication and with an Award of Merit for Outstanding Achievement in Illustration. He has been in the visual communication field since 1990, going back to the days before the 3D generation; 8 of those years Kurt spent illustrating in the gaming entertainment industry.
As an in house Lead Illustrator for Avalon Hill he was allowed full control to illustrate entire board game packages. His career has led him down many paths but none as rewarding as visual illustration. Later Kurt ventured into the computer world and went on board with a computer game company, Talonsoft. There he picked up on many types of software and developed some award winning titles. Computers and various programs have provided the tools to create unique visual perspectives, which help propel his clients to new levels of creative statement. His ability to conceptualize for these clients is highly regarded and allows them to focus on the written message while he explores the visual content.
He's quite proud of the relationships he has developed over the years working with talented directors and marketing professionals who know the path to success. Computers give each of us instant access to an industry of resources, which empower us to create beyond our own imaginations. Currently Kurt is a fulltime freelance Illustrator as the owner of KMI Studio, LLC whose client list includes Activision, Baen Books, Electronic Arts, Hasbro, ID Soft, National Geographic, Nintendo, Take Two Interactive and Valley Games. Please take a moment and look over Kurt's creations. Thank you.

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Afterburn by Kurt Miller


Star Wars Millennium Falcon by Kurt Miller


X-Wing Full Throttle V2 by Kurt Miller


Battle over Kamino - The Tie Dal Wave by Kurt Miller


X-Wing Along The River by Kurt Miller


Pachycephalosaurus fighting for Dominance by Kurt Miller


X-Wing Full Throttle by Kurt Miller


Armored by Kurt Miller


Apatosaurus From Above by Kurt Miller


The Serrano Succession by Kurt Miller


The Serrano Connection by Kurt Miller


The Sword of the South by Kurt Miller


Yellow Eyes by Kurt Miller


Trail of Evil by Kurt Miller


Starcraft vs Orc by Kurt Miller


A Long Time Until Now by Kurt Miller


Halo vs Aliens Save the Cat by Kurt Miller


A Rogue Predator by Kurt Miller


The Clubbed Tail by Kurt Miller


Aliens vs Halo by Kurt Miller


The Crucifixion by Kurt Miller


Crucifixion-Divine Mercy by Kurt Miller


Custer In Chains by Kurt Miller


Rising Sun by Kurt Miller


Nazi Alpine Redoubt by Kurt Miller


Fire Brigade by Kurt Miller


The Kraken by Kurt Miller


Provincia Romana by Kurt Miller


Liberty by Kurt Miller


Under a Graveyard Sky by Kurt Miller


Black Knight Panther by Kurt Miller


Amargasaurus facing Carnotaurus by Kurt Miller


Hat In Ring by Kurt Miller


The Red Baron by Kurt Miller


Prehistoric Spikes- Styracosaurus by Kurt Miller


Giganoto Found a Baby One by Kurt Miller


Giganotosaurus and Parasaurolophus by Kurt Miller


Tyrannosaurus and Torosaurus by Kurt Miller


Utahraptor by Kurt Miller


T-Rex Appetizer by Kurt Miller


T-Rex Swamp Walk by Kurt Miller


Joining The Herd by Kurt Miller


Dino Hatch by Kurt Miller


Argentinosaurus Migration by Kurt Miller


Through The Armor of Gigantspinosaurus by Kurt Miller


Stego Fortress by Kurt Miller


Corythosaurus Last Run by Kurt Miller


Der Rote Baron by Kurt Miller

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   |   Images = 74




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