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Kristy Richie

Jacksonville, Fl - United States








Kristy Richie

Jacksonville, Fl - United States

Kristy Richie - Fine Artist

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About Kristy Richie

As a small child I would visit my father in Georgia during the summers. He used to ride me down the red clay back roads on his four wheeler. We would pass small ponds filled with ducks, old wood frame houses, and rows and rows of pecan trees. But the sights that captured me the most were the abandoned shacks I would see, standing alone and decaying, in the middle of the crop fields. Each time we came across one of these, I was filled with so many unidentified emotions. I wanted to capture these images and the feelings that came along with it- just as they appeared to me. I started off with a cheap point and shoot camera that a family member gave me for Christmas when I was eight years old. I tried and tried for years to get an image that created those nostalgic feelings- I could get the picture, but never the feeling. As I grew older, family members continued to bless me with newer better cameras and with each, my technique improved. I bought my first DSLR in 2010 and taught myself to use the manual settings. I read every book I could find on the subject and woke up early in the mornings to practice what I had learned. It's been four years since I found the magic in those manual settings and I am still in love with the feeling I get when I come across certain scenes. Being able to capture those images and keep them with me has given me so much more pleasure than anything money can buy. I would love to be able to share with you the view from my lens- I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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Underfoot by Kristy Richie


Adult Muscovy Duck with Beautiful Colored Feathers by Kristy Richie


Lining Up by Kristy Richie


Muscovy Duckling Black and White by Kristy Richie


Young Muscovy Duckling by Kristy Richie


Set in Stone by Kristy Richie


Stadium by Kristy Richie


Centro Ybor by Kristy Richie


Tower by Kristy Richie


University of Tampa by Kristy Richie


Fountain by Kristy Richie


Football by Kristy Richie


Fly 'Em High by Kristy Richie


Outstretched by Kristy Richie


Deep Blue by Kristy Richie


Lit by Kristy Richie



Play by Kristy Richie


Open by Kristy Richie


In To Deep by Kristy Richie


Stolen by Kristy Richie


Mid-life by Kristy Richie


Clover by Kristy Richie


Hidden by Kristy Richie


Hold On by Kristy Richie

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