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Kristin Guttridge

Innisfail, AB - Canada

Kristin Guttridge - Fine Artist

Kristin Guttridge

Member Since: 04/23/2011

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So while it may not be a standard format, my biography is going to include some basic facts, and a general overview of events in my life that I feel are the supreme contributing factors in shaping who I am today. I will even throw in some brief explanations as to how these events modified my objectives into the artist you see here today. I'm going to tell you the short and relative version of my story. Why not?
Here goes: I was born in August 1982 in Calgary, (thankfuly, as my folks were actually living in Saudi Arabia at the time) Then spent my childhood jumping around from country to country until 2000. An outline to reduce confusion, if you will: Saudi Arabia, to Alaska, to Alberta... Then to Dubai in 1991, Kuwait in 1992, Abu Dhabi after that, then back to Alberta. Cairo in 1999 and finally, homeward bound to Red Deer. In between these countries, I luckily got to visit Amsterdam, Scotland, London, Thailand, Oman, other Emirates, Florida, and Germany.
I started drawing and painting with zeal when I was 8, mostly animals. My family graciously entering my work into fairs and children's contests. (not a single blue ribbon, I might add). But I digress..... To clarify, I have no formal education in Art. I took an AP art class in high school, but I spent most of the curriculum on medical exception. I had a habit of breaking my wrists and fingers playing Judo in Egypt. The series i began then (1999) was my first attempt at capturing emotion through non emotional subject matter using acrylics and pencil.(as well as I could with mangled digits)
I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic in Dubai,(1991)the tail end of the Gulf war, at a hospital full of doctors and nurses that didn't speak English. So, in retrospect, I believe I became an artist for the first time during that month long hospital stay. You see, as fearful, and frustrated, and confused as my 7 year old self was, I escaped into art projects, losing my tan and quite possibly my childhood. Then we moved to post war Kuwait.
Before the plane landed, we stared at the desert from the plane, full of choking smoke from burning oil. Lakes of crude oil so big you couldn't see the other side, dead, blackened animals, mine fields, burning and skeletal convoys, and a whole lot of guns. I stood in the ocean a few days later, an inch thick layer of the crude floating on everything that was my world. I am confident in my understanding of surrealism. Thank you Kuwait.
Growing up, there were very few certainties for me. (exciting, right?) I was always certain about this though: I would never be a professional artist. I was good at school, so like most kids good at school, I was aiming high. I took biology and chemistry to be a doctor (ended up illustrating dissection/anatomy booklets) then sociology in Red Deer, but I was a good bartender, and I enjoyed the work so I quit school. Sorry about that Mom and Dad! I did a few murals then, and met some artists who took it upon themselves to critique my sketchbooks. Thank you weird artist types, I learned Alot.
I married the love of my life and the first child of my heart in 2003, a lovely tiny shotgun wedding on sylvan lake, and my daughter was born in 2004. This substantial year in my life was when I decided I cant help but be an artist. I started creating art for the first time, for me. I discovered new levels of joy that only a happy family can provide. The happiness brought my optimistic nature to a whole new level, and I found confidence in my art, enough to consider it my career. My son was born in 2008, shortly before I began my company as a small business venture out of my home in Innisfail, Thousand Words Artistry. I teach classes occasionally, and my home is licensed as a gallery. I began working with oil paint in the spring of 2010, and now feel that I have found a medium that I can successfully express my artistic intent with. Every painting is a lesson, and I learn more with each painting than I could have in school, but if I can divulge a big secret, the truth is, most of my art feels like luck. I'll take it any way I can get it, however, so the paintings keep pouring out of me. I hope through the diversity of my art, there will be a little something everyone can like.

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