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Kristen Fagan

Mesa, AZ - United States








Kristen Fagan

Mesa, AZ - United States

Kristen Fagan - Fine Artist

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About Kristen Fagan

Hi, I'm Kristen Fagan. I was born and raised on Long Island in New York. An enriching art program in school opened my heart to visual art. I graduated with a B.A. in Visual Communication and have been working as a graphic designer since 2000. I currently live in Mesa, Arizona with my husband and our two sons. When I'm not creating, I enjoy time with friends and family, reading, yoga, exploring the outdoors and road trips.

Art has always been a dear friend. The ability to express myself and create an image in my own way delights me. Artful expression fills me with integrity, awe and freedom. I make art that is colorful, whimsical and illustrative. The color palette of white, green, blue and yellow appears often as does nature, text and curved lines. My tools and process vary project to project. I create digitally, with beads, with paint and pastels, on canvas, wood and paper. When my work is going well it feels effortless, a direct flow of energy from my heart, soul and body. Exploring creativity through design, art and handmade creations has brought much joy and purpose into my life.

I believe that inspiration is everywhere; everything I see, feel and experience can ignite my creativity. I am inspired by the sights and sounds of the natural world and influenced by my feelings in the moment of creation, bringing a sense of flow and movement to my work. I admire the work of many, but am particularly drawn to the expressiveness of Van Gogh, the color and light of Monet and the patterns and color blocking of Matisse. What I love most about what I do is the calm and connected feeling I get in the moment of creation. When I feel connected; to the world around me, to others, and to myself, I feel alive and whole.

I love commissions. Working together to produce something you will love and that will have personal meaning to you is very fulfilling!

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Pink Mountains by Kristen Fagan


Beach by Kristen Fagan


Red Mountain by Kristen Fagan


Sunflowers by Kristen Fagan


Birch Trees in a Lavender Field by Kristen Fagan


Connected in Energy by Kristen Fagan


Desert Wash by Kristen Fagan


Illuminated Path by Kristen Fagan


Waterlily by Kristen Fagan


Tree Ring by Kristen Fagan


Alphabet Bunting III by Kristen Fagan


Butterfly Fairy by Kristen Fagan


Ladybug Flowers by Kristen Fagan


Willow Tree by Kristen Fagan


Shoestring Acacia by Kristen Fagan


Zen Feather by Kristen Fagan


Birch Trees in Winter by Kristen Fagan


Tri-Color Feather by Kristen Fagan


Peacock Feather by Kristen Fagan


Feather Trio by Kristen Fagan


Dandelion by Kristen Fagan


Fireflies by Kristen Fagan


Sailboat by Kristen Fagan


Connected in Spirit by Kristen Fagan

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