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Kimberly Nyce

Malden, MA - United States








Kimberly Nyce

Malden, MA - United States

Kimberly Nyce - Fine Artist

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About Kimberly Nyce

Nycebutterfly Photography: transforming the way you see the world

Fine Art and Commercial Photography services | Freelance Event Photography

In addition to offering greeting cards and prints through Fine Art America, you can contact me directly at to discuss ordering unique, inspirational and custom designed photographic cards, books and calendars.

For freelance event photography inquiries, please contact me directly at to discuss your specific needs and for more information about my fees.


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I was blessed with a gift of seeing the extraordinary in the 'ordinary'... a visual artist capturing the transforming beauty of nature through the brushstrokes of my camera lens.

My photography offers an invitation to enter into a mystical world of color, light, shadows, movement and deep emotions - a place that lives inside each one of us and is reflected in nature. I've always seen images in nature. These images speak to the creative force of the elements -- the intimate dance of water, wind, earth and fire. Nature is the canvas on which the Master Craftsman displays His handiwork. Beauty exists in nature and within each of us, patiently awaiting our discovery. We only need the willingness to take a closer look.

'In teaching photography, my basic instruction is `When your mouth drops open, click the shutter!'

This was the wisdom offered by my photography mentor, Harold Feinstein. Whether it's the shutter of a camera or the shutter of one's heart, the key principle in knowing when the time is right is to listen with your heart to the still small voice of intuition. When you're moved in awe by the beauty before you or an inner knowing pulses within you, that is when you know something is right. Whether it be taking a picture, making a decision about a job, a relationship or some other issue in your life, the key principle is always the same. Following the still small voice, the inner knowing is key. So often, I misread the cues of my heart because I'm not listening. I've pressed the shutter too quickly and missed my shot. When I align my heart and spirit with God's will and when my 'jaw drops open'...that is when I click the shutter.

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Water Lily by Kimberly Nyce


Waterlily by Kimberly Nyce


Blue Smoke by Kimberly Nyce


Azure Blue Moon by Kimberly Nyce


Dawn Treader by Kimberly Nyce


Mystical Dawn by Kimberly Nyce


Old Orchard Beach Pier by Kimberly Nyce


A Light Shining in the Darkness by Kimberly Nyce


Learning to Fly by Kimberly Nyce


Newport Blues by Kimberly Nyce


Window to My Soul by Kimberly Nyce


Springtime by Kimberly Nyce


Transformation of the Spirit by Kimberly Nyce


Painted Lady by Kimberly Nyce


Lighten Up by Kimberly Nyce


Sunburst by Kimberly Nyce


Jonathan Livingston Seagull I Presume by Kimberly Nyce


Can't See the Forest Through the Trees by Kimberly Nyce


On Loan for Each Other by Kimberly Nyce


Pink Panther Strikes Again by Kimberly Nyce


That's What Friends are For by Kimberly Nyce


Georgia on My Mind by Kimberly Nyce


1000 Points of Light by Kimberly Nyce


I Hope You Dance by Kimberly Nyce


Bells Will Be Ringin' by Kimberly Nyce


The Sweet Smell of Hope on a Late Spring Morning by Kimberly Nyce


Impressions of Love by Kimberly Nyce


Exalted Love by Kimberly Nyce


Blushing Modesty by Kimberly Nyce


Bench with a View by Kimberly Nyce


Free Bird by Kimberly Nyce


Sarasota Sunrise by Kimberly Nyce


Solstice by Kimberly Nyce


Lost in Thought by Kimberly Nyce


Kildeer by Kimberly Nyce


Blossoming Beauty by Kimberly Nyce


Receptive by Kimberly Nyce


Enlightened Being by Kimberly Nyce


Love Blossoms by Kimberly Nyce


Sorrow by Kimberly Nyce


Love Rocks by Kimberly Nyce


Let Your Heart Light Shine 2 by Kimberly Nyce


Rose in Hand by Kimberly Nyce


Lost in Thought by Kimberly Nyce


Kissed by the Rain by Kimberly Nyce

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