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Kelly Rader

Comfort, Texas - United States








Kelly Rader

Comfort, Texas - United States

Kelly Rader - Fine Artist

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About Kelly Rader

Until now the works of Kelly Rader had only been admired by a select few of family and friends. But thou the loving support of her husband Devin Rader and her father Don, she is bringing her works out for the general public to admire just as the select few have done so for years.
Kelly Rader former art student working with a verity of mediums such as water colors, pastels, and oil’s, has also branched out for the last several years in to the world of photography and graphics. She has an eye for photograph’s like no other. She is able to capture with in a frame such great emotion and detail that the viewer feels that they are behind the lens themselves.
Her works include from the smallest creatures in nature to the tallest buildings that create most of our skylines. They also include landscapes and the beautiful flowers that captivate so many of us. She is also able to capture such raw human emotion that the viewer of her works stop to reanalyze there situations.
Any piece from Kelly’s collection would be a wonderful addition to any collection, weather that collection be private, at the office, or at any institution.

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Unraveling Beauty by Kelly Rader


Contrasting Beauty by Kelly Rader


Seasonal Work by Kelly Rader


Autumn HighLights by Kelly Rader


The Old Fence Row Variation by Kelly Rader


Long Horn Mid Fall by Kelly Rader


Autumn Lights by Kelly Rader


The Historic Fox Theatre by Kelly Rader


Beauty Revisited by Kelly Rader


Joulet by Kelly Rader


Single Pink Rose by Kelly Rader


Tears To Fall by Kelly Rader


Glowing In The Mist Of... by Kelly Rader


Gulf Fritillary on Zinnia by Kelly Rader


Sax of No Avenue by Kelly Rader


Wagons West by Kelly Rader


Old West Ghost Town by Kelly Rader


Bee by Kelly Rader



Green Eye by Kelly Rader


Hanging Rack by Kelly Rader


Koi Blue by Kelly Rader


Crying waterfall by Kelly Rader


San Antonio River Walk by Kelly Rader


Once When we Were Children by Kelly Rader

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   |   Images = 335





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