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Karen Showell

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Karen Showell

Wyoming, Michigan - United States

Karen Showell - Fine Artist

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About Karen Showell

My Bio.

Karen Showell is a humble, yet an awesome Graphic artist and Gospel singer.
She has traveled extensively around the world, including Europe, Japan and Canada.

A shy girl, Karen gained confidence through her singing, which she did every Sunday in the choir in the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her Great- Grand Father the late Emit Hill Sr. was the Pastor and founder of the church.
Karen recorded her first single when she was just thirteen years of age.

Her hit single 'I'm just a little girl in love and We’re not too young to fall in love, written by Jackie Beavers co-writer of Someday will be together by Diana Ross and the Supreme's went on to be number five on the Billboard Record charts.

In her later years Karen moved to Tustin California, where she sang background for Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr.
Karen went on to sing as opening acts for such superstars as B.B. King, Millie Jackson, and the late David Ruffin of the Temptations, just to name a few.
Karen is married to Pastor Bradley Showell.
Together they had four beautiful children.
Joy, Diamond, (Deceased) Courtney, and Jeremy.

Karen understands that her voice and her graphic talent are instruments and they will always be used for God’s glory alone.

Karen’s graphic art and music is raw and powerful.
Karen is also a songwriter.
Karen has never really been concerned about becoming a superstar.
Her concern is that Jesus Christ shines within her.

Karen's songwriting,graphic artwork, and music has blossomed into more mature, meaningful material because her focus is on her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Karen has made it no secret that she has struggled with years of drug addiction.

She is not proud for past, but she is proud of the fact that she has overcome her addiction.

Karen has made it her mission to help others who are struggling in their addiction.
She is also in the process of writing her biography called 'Finally free'.

In her biography Karen talks about how hard it was to make it to the other side.
She states that “it could’ve been a lot easier if she had just let go and let God”, but instead of turning it over to him, she kept trying to quit on her own.
She finally realized that every time she tried to quit, in a manner of a few months or sometimes even a year, she would be right back to doing drugs again. It was only when she completely gave it over totally to God that he delivered her once and for all.
She now realizes that there is a difference between her quitting and God delivering her.

She knows that being off drugs is a gift from God and that she would never abuse the gift that he has given to her again.
Karen turns to her artwork and gospel singing as a release from her drug addiction.
It is her mission to help others to get free from drugs.

Karen realizes that it is only because of God's grace and mercy that she is drug free today.
It is because of her gratefulness that she chooses to use our craft only for the glory of God.

Karen is also an ordained Minister of the Gospel.
Karen lives to spread the Gospel of her wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through her artwork and music.

She is bold at preaching the Gospel, yet at the same time she very loving in her approach to spread the good news.
She is not ashamed of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Karen's music and artwork inspires others to become more Christ like.

She is very humble and down to earth.
Karen continues to keep it real as she spreads the good news of Jesus Christ.

Karen is on a natural high, when she is writing, doing her artwork and performing for her Lord.
Her music and art is a must have for any person that is going through the fire.

Karen’s Album “Jesus is more than enough”, Step Aside, and Home, can be found on, iTunes, Amazon.com, Google Play Store, Beats Music, &- Digital, C.D Baby, eMusic, Spotify, iheartradio, Jango Radio, Rido, and her website.

Her new C.D will be in stores in about one week. It is Called Can't You See?

So Much Love Ministries.

Karen's artwork can be found at Fineart America

Her Motto: I live for Jesus Christ,

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