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Julianna Wells

Pine Mtn, GA - United States








Julianna Wells

Pine Mtn, GA - United States

Julianna Wells - Fine Artist

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About Julianna Wells

Pick the brush up. Breathe in. Move it to the Palette. Exhale. Pick the paint up. Breath in. Apply it to the canvas. Exhale. The “art” of creating artworks is an art in itself. I am slowly discovering this truth. My memories, dreams, and experiences feed into my own artistic process: my past, present, and future. My images have almost always been drawn from the nature, as I grew up in the woods. Horses became a focus, since a stable was literally a walk down the road, and being young, I thought that was my future. My father, uncle, and grandmother are all artists who imparted bits of their technical knowledge to me. I gradually met new mediums as I grew up. I started on watercolors, moved to acrylics, and finally oils. I tried clay, mixed media, airbrushing, scrimshaw, encaustic, graphite, charcoal, and photography. I have been continuing to experiment in order to find the artistic niche I fit into, but where am I in the present?
As I begin my second semester in college, I realize that the work I produce right now reflects the effort I put into learning as much as I can about artistic techniques. In my paintings, instead of focusing on the object being painted, I concentrate on the process I use in order to achieve details that are a part of that object. This comes from the realization that in order to make an impact with my art, I first must have the tools in my repertoire to do so. This is why I focus so much on developing more experience. This causes my artwork as a whole to look disjointed, and maybe it is. My pieces are, however, united in their attempt to hone skills. Studying artists like Jeremy Mann and Pissarro have influenced my most recent paintings, as I have worked on being looser with the brush and pencil. I appreciate a balance between the realistic image and abstract gesture the artist can create; it reveals the process that is so essential to me.

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Study of Skull by Julianna Wells


Monochromatic Study of Shell by Julianna Wells


Bull Skull Study by Julianna Wells


Study of Shell 4 by Julianna Wells


Study Of Shell 3 by Julianna Wells


Study of Shell with window by Julianna Wells


Study of Cow Skull by Julianna Wells


Study of Canine skull by Julianna Wells


Study of Shell 2 by Julianna Wells


Study of Shell by Julianna Wells


Self Portrait through still life by Julianna Wells


Rabid by Julianna Wells


Mouse by Julianna Wells


Flag by Julianna Wells


Feline Essence by Julianna Wells


Teenage Philosophy by Julianna Wells


Camoflaged Reflections by Julianna Wells


Peaceful Warrior by Julianna Wells


Study of Cat by Julianna Wells


Race Track Dreams by Julianna Wells


The Last Stand by Julianna Wells


A Gray City study by Julianna Wells


Organic Geometry by Julianna Wells


Day Owl by Julianna Wells

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