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Joseph Juvenal - Fine Artist

Joseph Juvenal

Redmond, OR - United States








Joseph Juvenal

Redmond, OR - United States

Joseph Juvenal - Fine Artist

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February 14th, 2013







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About Joseph Juvenal

I am a man of many passions, as can readily be seen by even a simple cursory viewing of my artwork. One week it’s pen and ink that compels me to create, the next it’s oils or watercolor. But lately I have been blessed with dreams of “Story” art, fantasy scenes that beg to be painted in Photoshop.

Sadly there is much bias against and misconception about digital art, because it covers such a broad spectrum of styles and techniques. I don’t use a 3D program, but have seen AMAZING creations (remember the computer does not create it, the artist does). I also don’t take photos and manipulate them with filters, but again have seen incredible works that the computer is only a tool of in the hands of an artist. I don’t do fractals, it does not fit my visions, because it is based on mathematical ideas of detailed patterns that repeat. I understand though that each artist creates something unique, I just don’t do it.

My digital art is “blank canvas painting”, just as with my oils and watercolors I start with a black or white or sometimes Brown or greenish “canvas”, which happens to be a pre-sized page in Photoshop. I have done this since 1992. I have a studio where I paint large oil paintings, 36 x 48 mostly, and always return to my first love; mixing watercolor and pen and ink. But lately I like the “look” and freedom of digitally painted work in Photoshop.

When people hear “Photoshop”, they think of model’s bodies manipulated, or news photos altered. I indeed do, just like I did 45 years ago in college, look for photos of what my subjects will be; say an elephant, or a man’s facial expression. But it is wrong to simply COPY and paste someone else’s work. These photos should be called a “morgue”, and used as models to get something right, because in MY paintings there MUST be realism!

The process is this: I wake up with a dream (I call them visions) of a Tiger whose stripes are bars holding a poacher. I know exactly what the painting will look like, and even after all these years astound myself with how much the finished painting looks like what I saw. How do I do that? I don’t know, I sometimes don’t even know what the painting MEANS. Anyway, I start gathering photos of tigers, faces, poachers, jungle or grassland, look for a tiger’s “real” habitat, then choose a size for the painting, and background color, then use the photos to “get” a tiger body in a position I saw, usually laying down a foreground and background first, painting quickly, then yes, I work out the parts separately and do a lot of pasting, and moving, re-sizing and working on Photoshop’s layers. I use filters only where it will enhance, this is NOT oil painting; it’s a New Tool that I can be FREE in. Each painting takes about eight to forty hours to complete, which means every few days I’m posting a new work. Then I am thinking and dreaming of the next.

I go by Joseph R. Juvenal, but am also known as Joseph Juvenal, and Joe Juvenal, and I have been an oil painter, watercolorist, pen and ink artist for fifty years, and a digital artist since the earliest days of personal computers.

MY degree in Art was obtained at California State University, Sacramento. I have lived mostly in California and Nevada, and now reside in central Oregon. I lived five years with the Piautes on the Walker River Reservation, Schurz, NV, serving as a pastor, and maintaining my painting studio there. I also have been a Graphic Artist and Illustrator for over thirty years, ten of those years with NSAWC and TOPGUN, at NAS Fallon, NV. I specialize in Digital Art, Pen and Ink Drawings, Cowboy Art, and Aviation Art.

My oil paintings, pen and ink drawings and digital paintings have won numerous awards throughout northern Nevada, California, Oregon, and Fine Art (FAA).

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