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John Chivers

Chippenham, wiltshire - United Kingdom








John Chivers

Chippenham, wiltshire - United Kingdom

John Chivers - Fine Artist

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Hi and welcome

I have always loved visual creation from a primary school age. I have education in photography although it was film based back in the 90's, this set up a good foundation. I returned to the Art world and sought my B.A. Hons degree from The Art's Institute at Bournemouth England.

I returned to photography more out of interest for this 'new' digital technology. I Chanel my creative vision through this medium, but i consider myself artiest first (in the more traditional sense of painting/drawing) photographer second.
In truth they complement/support one another so well that they are both a form of art.
I here a lot of (in a general sense) 'that's photo shopped' or 'that's not real' 'wouldn't look like that'.
At the end of the day he/she, the artiest is creating something and putting them selves a personalty, creativity an idea forward which in turn is there individuality as not just as a 'artiest' (this is only a word to describe a broad meaning) but them self and the way in which they see and construct this life.
If every photo art works was representational only as to be 'real' there would be no diversity amongst art wich define us.

I apologies for poor grammar spelling this is my 'Achilles heel' and i try my best to keep written side of things to a minimum.
the normal copy right jargon apply's, don't really need to go into that because hey what would you rather have? copy a small res image from here or a wonderful display canvas or framed print? 'no brainer' a term i picked up living in the states for a while.

right :) the boring bit gone and thank you for your patients. I hope you enjoy my work and the fellow artiest of this site.
thank you for your time


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