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Joetta Beauford

Charleston, SC - United States








Joetta Beauford

Charleston, SC - United States

Joetta Beauford - Fine Artist

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About Joetta Beauford

My name is Joetta Beauford Palmer a self taught artist, designer, a visionary photographer, inventor.....Anything creative and anything relating to problem solving. Now, I will get Back to the subject of Art. I remember being very creative at the age of 5, I was a very quiet child and I recall myself always drawing or doodling on paper. I recall creating squiggly lines and shapes and forms and in those creations I would see many different items, faces, animals, flowers and other things in those doodles. It was fascinating to me! I believe this was when I knew I had artistic talents.

Over the years art has brought me recognition, awards, and honors, and YES, Money. From creating T-shirt designs for group organizations to winning awards for my paintings has brought recognition. I have experimented with artwork on many different levels and created such a great T-shirt design that it caught the eyes of a Multi-Millionaire business owner in West Palm Beach, Florida. She wanted to meet with me, I was 17 years old at the time and this was when I really knew I had a special creative talent in Art.

I have used my creative visionary insight in jobs that I have held, creating and designing new processes and machine designs for industrial companies I have worked for and was employee of the month several times. I also used my artistic concepts on Ebay where whatever I was selling on there was above the competition and helped me find a niche and became a Gold Powerseller. …I learned to use my Artistic insight in different areas of my life.
Art is everything to me! I Love it, I Love seeing other people’s Artwork and how they capture and convey it! I TRULY LOVE ART!!!

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Emanuel9 Walk Iconic July 4th Captured by Joetta Beauford


Twins of Feathers by Joetta Beauford


Butterfly Wonders by Joetta Beauford


Beauty in Butterflies by Joetta Beauford


Alvin South Carolina Old School House by Joetta Beauford


Captured Childhood Memories by Joetta Beauford


Feathered Fountain by Joetta Beauford


Cotton Candy Sky by Joetta Beauford


Charleston S C City View by Joetta Beauford


Eye Attraction by Joetta Beauford


Sunset and Lighthouse by Joetta Beauford


On The Battery by Joetta Beauford


Colonial Lake View by Joetta Beauford


Charleston Church Street by Joetta Beauford


US Coast Guard in Charleston by Joetta Beauford


Let Down Your Sail by Joetta Beauford


Smooth Sailing Carolina by Joetta Beauford


Charleston Marina by Joetta Beauford


Yacht and Harbor View by Joetta Beauford


A Collection That Pops POP by Joetta Beauford


Crystalized Climate Seen Far South by Joetta Beauford


Full Moon in the Holy City Optimized by Joetta Beauford


A Clear Colorful Park's View by Joetta Beauford


Guiding Hands by Joetta Beauford

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