Joe Geraci - Fine Artist

Joe Geraci

Stonington, CT - United States








Joe Geraci

Stonington, CT - United States

Joe Geraci - Fine Artist

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January 5th, 2013







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About Joe Geraci

I have spent much of my adult life building ballistic missile submarines and working in a maximum security prison. Adhering to strict protocols and procedures, there was little room for self-expression or creativity. As a result, these somber careers left me yearning for a sense of inner-peace and security. Perhaps as a simple means of survival, I began to seek out the beauty within my everyday surroundings. A simple drive into town soon became a distraction-filled adventure. I began to take notice of the overlooked and the small. This sense of adventure quickly turned into a passion. I found myself thinking, “If only I had a picture of that...” It was at that moment my photographic odyssey began. After several years of trial and error, I have become comfortable in my new skin. I have affirmed myself a photographer and artist. My goal, to impart upon my viewers the same affinity for the overlooked and the small.

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Apocalyptic Sunset by Joe Geraci


Brilliant Backlight by Joe Geraci


Beautiful Phenomenon by Joe Geraci


Full Color by Joe Geraci


Natural Highlights by Joe Geraci


Late Color by Joe Geraci


Moss Rose by Joe Geraci


Well Hello There by Joe Geraci


Cat Life by Joe Geraci


No Cameras Please v2 by Joe Geraci


No Cameras Please by Joe Geraci


23 February 2015 Sunset by Joe Geraci


Safe In Stonington by Joe Geraci


22 February 15 Sunset by Joe Geraci


Small Town Perfection by Joe Geraci


Ready To Row by Joe Geraci


Hanging On by Joe Geraci


Big Blue Boat by Joe Geraci


Different Needs by Joe Geraci


Among The Flowers by Joe Geraci


Blooming Out Pink 2 by Joe Geraci


Perfect Petals 2 by Joe Geraci


Inner Workings by Joe Geraci


From The Desk Of by Joe Geraci

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   |   Images = 1648





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