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Jodi Terracina

Belleview, Florida - United States








Jodi Terracina

Belleview, Florida - United States

Jodi Terracina - Fine Artist

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About Jodi Terracina

I discovered my Iove for art from a very young age. When I was 8 years old I began sketching covers to my Disney books. In my teen years, my medium of choice was oil pastels. There were many years that went by while I raised my children, worked and went to school that I did not have time to draw or paint.

Around 2009, I had the opportuntity to paint a ceiling tile as a donation to a local hospital. Only water based paints were allowed, so I used acrylic paint. After painting several ceiling tiles for this hospital, I was invited, along with other local artists, to paint ceiling tiles for the physicians entryway. At this time I had never had any formal instruction and I was honored to be invited to join established local artists in this project. In 2011, it was time to move on to painting on canvas.

In my quest to find reference materials for my paintings, I discovered a greater love; photography. Living in Florida, there is an abudance of subject matter to shoot. I obtained my first SLR camera at a pawn shop. What can I say, I am in love with photography, specifically, photographing wildlife and architecture. I wish I could travel the world taking photographs all day long. Perhaps someday.

I work in a very stressful job during the day. Photography gives me peace of mind and makes me happy. I hope you enjoy my work. Please check back often for new work.

I do not watermark my photos with the Fine Art America Watermark. In the future I hope to have more paintings available for sale.

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Mirror Beauty by Jodi Terracina


Male Great Egret Close Up by Jodi Terracina


Great Blue Heron by Jodi Terracina


So Pretty by Jodi Terracina


True Blue by Jodi Terracina


A Mothers Love by Jodi Terracina


Family by Jodi Terracina


God Bless America by Jodi Terracina


Red Shouldered Hawk by Jodi Terracina


Tiger Eye by Jodi Terracina


Hungry Manatee by Jodi Terracina


On the Prowl by Jodi Terracina


Natural Beauty by Jodi Terracina


Trunk Bay St. John USVI by Jodi Terracina


Frolicking In the Leaves by Jodi Terracina


Never forget by Jodi Terracina


Hummingbird Moth by Jodi Terracina


Whooping Crane by Jodi Terracina


Baby Gator by Jodi Terracina


Young Grasshopper by Jodi Terracina


Gulf Fritillary with Silver Wings by Jodi Terracina


Gulf Fritillary Underwing by Jodi Terracina


Seeking Shelter by Jodi Terracina


Gulf Fritillary Underwings by Jodi Terracina

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   |   Images = 231





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