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Jo Anna Wycoff

Hendersonville, NC - United States

Jo Anna Wycoff - Fine Artist

Jo Anna Wycoff

Member Since: 01/19/2012

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Traveling throughout this land with a love for photography, painting and music, I am ever mindful of God's beautiful creation and I am so thankful for the talents He's given me. I would like to share some of the beauty I see with others.

My photography includes nature images from our mountain top hideaway as well as images from our travels throughout the country in 'Gypsy Rose', our little RV. We love to travel and see what's just around the bend. And of course the people we meet along the way is just 'icing on the cake'.

The artwork comes from a love affair with colors. I'm primarily self-taught and I've been in love with the arts since childhood when the teachers would catch me drawing pictures in class instead of paying attention to them. I was always the one other classmates would gather around to have artwork drawn for projects. Bright colors always caught my eye and they tend to keep me upbeat and happy. The patterns of Zentangle and Quilt-type designs have recently come into play in my work and it's true that there is a zen-like relaxing feeling when doing these patterns. You get into the 'zone' of your work much faster when you play with patterns. So you may see some of these pop up in my images as well.

Add mountain dulcimer playing and top it off with a wonderful supportive family and I am blessed beyond measure. I invite you to take a few moments to look at my images and I hope you find them pleasing.

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Jo Anna Wycoff - Backyard Whitetail Deer
Jo Anna Wycoff - Little Key Deer

Little Key Deer

Jo Anna Wycoff

Jo Anna Wycoff - Proud Farm Rooster

Proud Farm Rooster

Jo Anna Wycoff

Jo Anna Wycoff - Barn and Fence in...

Barn and Fence in...

Jo Anna Wycoff

Jo Anna Wycoff - Barn Structure

Barn Structure

Jo Anna Wycoff

Jo Anna Wycoff - African Farm Goat-2

African Farm Goat-2

Jo Anna Wycoff

Jo Anna Wycoff - African Farm Goat

African Farm Goat

Jo Anna Wycoff

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