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Gallery Beguiled

Anchorage, AK - United States

Gallery Beguiled - Fine Artist

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About Gallery Beguiled

Welcome to Gallery Beguiled a place to come where art provokes the senses.

I've always gravitated to art that does more than look pretty, art that is in my face, grabs me by throat, throws me up against the wall and blows my head away. Art that brings me to the edge of what might be, could be, should be or is... Art that makes me think, weep, wail, screech, guffaw, flail my arms, jump up and down... Art that makes me angry, frightened, sad, hopeful, inspired. Art that shocks and tells stories that people either can't or won't talk about above a whisper.

This is the kind of art I seek to create. If you can just walk by without a second glance, then I am not doing my job. I want to create art that makes people stop in their tracks and go 'Ewwwwwww' ~gasp~ 'Oh. My. God.' 'WTF?' 'Holy shit!' 'Wow I never thought of that before.' 'I must have that piece on my wall!'

I don't want my art to soothe and reassure you. I want my art to bother you. Get under your skin. Nibble at your thoughts. Interrupt your conversations. Creep into your dreams.

I am deaf in real life. So I perceive the world a bit differently than people who can hear. My eyes are my ears as well. For me, color is music for my eyes. It has a vibration, a rhythm, a cadence, a song. I use color extensively. Dramatic, bold, intense, vital color. Contrasts and complimentary. I don't want my colors to muddle or be afraid to be dramatic. I want my colors to soar, to lift up their heads and sing.

I use art to explore a variety of themes that are not necessarily my beliefs, convictions, personal feelings, or pastimes. Creating art about death, sex, pain, fear, chaos -- all themes within the scheme of life -- allows me to explore and delve deep without experiencing the repercussions of actually going there. Creating art keeps me out of the loony bin because I can let my insanity out to play on the canvas.

All artwork within Gallery Beguiled, each image (unless otherwise noted in description), each scene was designed, created and set up by me within the world of Second Life. This is not as easy as it may sound. Each item, each aspect of the scene, everything from the hair and expressions to the costume to the pose to the buildings and background and or landscape etc, was created first through programs like Blender, ZBrush, 3DS Max or Maya. Then it was all brought together by me to create that scene. Lighting is manipulated in world to create atmosphere. A photograph is then taken of the scene and stored on my computer to be edited with Wacom, PhotoshopCC, Lightroom and other paint and editing programs, using a variety of techniques to achieve the desired effects I sought for that particular scene. It can take weeks sometimes just to design and create the scene before I can even get to the editing/photo-manipulation stage. Very challenging and exciting and best of all I am only limited by my own imagination.

My artwork can also be found in the world of Second Life where I still have the occasional art show (semi retired because I am now bringing my art to the real world), run a Gallery and sell my art for Lindens which can then be transferred to dollars.

Some of the art work are photographs of real life scenes and are edited and manipulated digitally. Some are images that were digitally painted and are not photographs. And these will be tagged as such.

There are no oil paintings, water color paintings or acrylic paintings at the Gallery Beguiled... yet. All art work, as of now, is digitally created and/or manipulated.

All art work is created by MRD who is also known as Jilla.

I hope you enjoy your journey through the Gallery Beguiled.

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