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Jeanne Silver

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape - South Africa








Jeanne Silver

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape - South Africa

Jeanne Silver - Fine Artist

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About Jeanne Silver

Jeanne Silver is a fine artist with an extraordinary life story to share with the world. The passion and emotion that portrayed in her paintings are a reflection of the life that she has lived over the last 18 years. She has felt the the pain and suffering experienced by the rural communities whilst serving as a missionary in Malawi. She is a white woman who with her young child then moved into a black location in South Africa. She became part of that community sharing their hopes and aspirations during the liberation struggle. Living in a tin shack she learned first hand just how hard the life can can be for the poor. She knows just how cold winter can be and how uncomfortably hot summer can be. She also knows what it is like to walk 2 miles everyday pushing a wheelbarrow with containers of water.

From this experience she was able to build Freedom Walls in Kakane Gardens, a black location adjoining the Dinokeng Game Reserve. Freedom walls is a legacy to the struggle and contains portraits of prominent political figures in the gallery. The walls are also covered with her paintings. Freedom Walls serves as a tourist attraction having visitors from all over the world.

She also played a significant role in the Development of the DGR Dinokeng Game Reserve - a big five park just north of Pretoria. Her passion is the preservation of the Rhinoceros. These magnificent animals are being driven to extinction at an alarming rate and desperate measures are required to save them. She has recently painted a beautiful series of Rhinoceros to help raise funds for their preservation.

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Queen Elizabeth - a mirror image by Jeanne Silver


Oprah Winfrey by Jeanne Silver


Passion - Princess Diana by Jeanne Silver


The Visionary - Nelson Mandela by Jeanne Silver


Nelson Mandela - Appearance at 2010 soccer goldcup by Jeanne Silver


Madiba the King - Nelson Mandela by Jeanne Silver


Nelson Mandela - The victory by Jeanne Silver


Former Pres. Mbeki - Election 2005 by Jeanne Silver


Mbeki - The moment of pain by Jeanne Silver


2010 soccer world cup with Thabo Mbeki by Jeanne Silver


President Zuma - Election 2009 by Jeanne Silver


Reflections by Jeanne Silver


a Storm is brooding by Jeanne Silver


A Tranquil moment by Jeanne Silver


A Time to rest by Jeanne Silver


The hiding place by Jeanne Silver


Through the eye of a Rhino by Jeanne Silver


Rhino's place by Jeanne Silver


Evolution of the Rhinocerotidae by Jeanne Silver


Elements of Destruction by Jeanne Silver


Run away child by Jeanne Silver

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